A Weekend at Home

As much as I love traveling and getting away for the weekends I can’t help but really appreciate weekends at home.  If I’m lucky they end up with the perfect amounts of fun and relaxation, this weekend was certainly no exception!

On Friday my sister, Katie and I went over to the newly renovated taproom at Switchback Brewing to hang out with our cousin who is a brewer.  The new bar is gorgeous and I was surprised by how spacious it was in there, even when the after-work crowd started pouring in they definitely had the space and the staff to keep up!  In terms of beer, my friends and I aren’t exactly beer snobs (read: we sort of are and can’t help it) but if we are at the bars Switchback is our “easy drinking” choice.  I really love their new Pale Ale and I get excited to see it on tap around town.

   Switchback Pale Ale

We weren’t sure if you could have dogs in the taproom but they quickly informed us that Maggie was welcome so we brought her in and after being pretty forward with a few humans she calmed down.

Maggie at Switchback

This also happened…

Maggie at Switchback

After Switchback we did a quick costume change and went over the the South End Truck Stop, as I mentioned in my VT Bucket List post, I have been wanting to get over to the truck stop this summer so I was pretty excited to make it happen.  I didn’t take any pictures but just know that the food trucks smelled delicious but I will admit it was very busy, like almost too busy.  I ate a pulled pork sandwich from Southern Smoke and it was one of the best pulled pork sandwiches I’ve ever had!  After living in the south I have semi-high standard but it was literally incredible!

I promised my friend Tori (who writes the Hotel Vermont Blog) that I would stop by their Milonga Tango Argentine dance party, so Maria and I headed over to the courtyard to listen to some great music and watch the very impressive tango dancers!  We arrived at the tail end of the party, long enough to get asked to dance but not brave (read: boozed) enough to say yes… but we still had a blast sipping on a couple glasses of wine in the beautifully decorated courtyard and chatting away.  If you get to the Burlington area and need a place to stay definitely check out Hotel Vermont and the Courtyard Burlington Harbor! Seriously can’t go wrong with either- but I’m wicked biased 😉

On Saturday Katie and I walked down to Church St to test out a new Italian restaurant, Pascolo Ristorante.  Pascolo was opened by the Farmhouse Group who already have one of Burlington’s darling restaurants (and one of my personal favs) with The Farmhouse Tap & Grill. The service was great and all of our meals looked excellent.  I had accidentally eaten breakfast an hour before so I wasn’t starving by any means but I did get this pretty boss caprese sandwich on focaccia bread. I also just ate a piece of leftover Margherita pizza that was excellent cold… I think I’m the only person on the planet that enjoys cold pizza over hot.


After lunch (and a quick stop at the Shaved Ice cart on Church St) a few friends and I gathered our stuff and headed out to another stop on my bucket list, Niquette Bay!

Z at Niquette

We went sort of later in the day so it wasn’t as packed (score!) but we still managed to have a blast swimming around in the surprisingly warm water and jumping off the cliffs! The sun had moved beyond our spot so we didn’t get scorched out there which was a super nice change to my recent burns.

On Sunday we had people over to our oven of an apartment to watch the World Cup Final, 2 box fans between 10 people means things got real sweaty real fast. Props to my friends for sticking it out 😉  Zach is obsessed with the Germany squad so I definitely leaned towards them over Argentina… sorry for your loss Messi- welcome to being cursed.  I knew I wanted to make some sort of dessert to fit the theme (I am all about themes people- ALL about them) but I literally had an hour to prepare so I went with this recipe from CookiesCakesPiesOhMy for Black Forest cupcakes… Germany- Black Forest- World Cup- Cupcakes, you get the theme.

Black Forest Cupcakes

The recipe could not have been easier and while I was worried when the batter was so thick they came out perfectly moist and got rave reviews from the friends and family- even Zach ate one and that never happens. Please ignore my happy birthday cupcake liners, I forgot I didn’t have any regular ones when I started making them.  Seriously though, make these cupcakes, they will not disappoint!

Did you do anything new and exciting this weekend?

Did you watch any of the World Cup games?


Indie Coffee Passport: Vermont Edition

Good Morning Folks!

I can’t freaking wait for the soccer game this afternoon… literally can’t wait. As you know I’m a pretty massive sports fan and World Cup is one of my favorites! Fun Fact: I’ve been a Clint Dempsey fan since I was 16 (circa New England Revolution/before it was cool) and even own his Fulham jersey.

On to to the point of today’s post:

Yesterday morning I was walking to the little cafe in our office building and noticed this sign chilling by the elevator…

Bluebird sign

While I’m actually not the biggest coffee drinker I was certainly intrigued (where there is coffee there is tea and where there are both there are pastries) so I decided to ask the gentleman at the register.

The Indie Coffee Passport was created by a couple in Toronto to give people a chance to try out coffee shops and cafes around the city.  It grew from there to Ottowa as well as Montreal and just landed in Vermont.

Indie Coffee Passport

For $12 you receive this adorable little passport to receive a cup of coffee (or tea according to the website) at 10 locations around the Burlington area.

Indie Coffee Passport

I have been to a few of these places but never really for a cup of coffee so I can’t wait to work through the list! I keep telling my friends it would be cool for us to be the “meet for a cup of coffee one morning” type of friends but so far we have only mastered the “wanna get a beer after work?” I think this will give me the perfect opportunity to push us along don’t you think??

I’m a big fan of “passport” type deals, I’ve been trying to crush the Vermont Brewery Passport but have not had luck getting to all of them.  I’m actually pretty sad about this, but don’t you worry! I’m going to keep trying 😉

This morning I checked off the first one on the list and grabbed a cup of iced coffee from the Bluebird Coffee Stop (conveniently located in my office building so I didn’t really have to work for it)

Iced Coffee Bluebird

I normally get an iced tea from Bluebird (cough cough or a maple creemee from the cart on Church St) but the coffee was nice and strong! Perfect for a Thursday morning after I stayed up all night to finish a book… more on that later though.  Definitely get yourselves an Indie Coffee Passport and do some caffeine-induced exploring of these lovely little coffee shops:)

Now it is time to get ready for some soccer watching, let’s do this USA!!!