VT Summer Bucket List (Part One)

You guys I struck THREE people out last night in our company softball game… I should be receiving an invitation to join the US Women’s Softball team any day now because that NEVER happens.

TeamA team of happy Wombats post win!


Vermont in the summer is amazing. Plain and simple, it totally rocks!

Waterfront I mean look at this, just waiting to be loved.

After working for a thousand years (read: 6) in the hotel industry I am so excited that my new jobs allows for weekends off. The list of things around the area I’d love to do this summer is crazy long but I thought I’d share a few that I plan on getting to in the next couple of weeks.

Niquette Bay or Colchester Cliffs

…I was not aware until last summer that these two places were the same… oops!
Living in downtown Burlington we are fortunate to be a couple blocks off of Lake Champlain with a few great beaches but when I want to try something a little different I love hitting up Niquette Bay a short drive away. Once you park you “hike” in about half a mile to the lake front where you find a series of cliffs big and small. There isn’t a ton of land to hang out on but what is there is beautiful and a great way to waste an afternoon in the sun. These are a few photos from two summers ago, I can’t wait to get back!

FlipI do believe this ended poorly for Joe…

FlipI actually think this one turned out okay for Jared…

FlipJust proud of my pansy self for doing it!



This is one thing I have never been to but can’t wait to go! Held at the Intervale Center in Burlington on Thursday evenings, Summervale is a community event that combines incredible locally sourced food, great beer and of course fun music. It is a free to enter, learn if you want to, bring your own chairs to hang out and take advantage of the amazing food and drinks sort of event. While I don’t necessarily fit the “Vermont- eat local or die” wave of humans I do appreciate all that this little state has to offer by way of food and drink. I will one day be a foodie I promise…

South End Truck Stop

Another great way to spend a Friday evening from 5-9 in the summer is at the South End Truck Stop. Located at Arts Riot, and literally stumble distance from my office, this event brings everything I love all in one place. A bunch of food trucks (WHAT?! YES!) Great beer from Fiddlehead Brewery (one of my personal favorites… second fiddle, get at me) And of COURSE some live music! I haven’t gone yet this summer but I went last year and it was awesome, I’m planning on venturing over there this Friday so I’ll be sure to give it a good ole’ review for you guys 🙂

Brew Tours

I’ve been to a bunch of breweries but I just cannot keep up with all the awesome ones popping up all over the state (not a bad problem to have) This summer I’d love to hit up a few that I haven’t made it to yet.

Hill Farmstead Brewery… In 2013 CraftBeer voted it the Best Brewery in the World!

Lost Nation Brewing… I’m a fan of their Rustic Ale.

Otter Creek Brewing… Hop Session for the win!

Tilt Arcade and Ale House

I am basically terrible at video games, except for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2013… I CRUSH TIGER WOODS PGA TOUR 2013! It had to be said, it’s incredibly important that you know this about me. I also enjoy the heck out of some arcade games which I am legitimately bad at. I also enjoy drinking beer… obviously. So now that Tilt Arcade and Ale House is open I am pretty excited to get over there with my nerd friends (read: handsome boyfriend) and let the good times roll! The menu looks delicious, the beer list is on point and the games are going to keep me occupied for those rainy summer days.

Heather and ZachThis is a throwback to Zach and one of my very best friend’s Heather (who’s coming home for a week in 37 days!!!!!!!!! Not that I’m excited or anything) getting their video game on hard. They NEEDED to wear the jerseys to get into the right mindset. Nerds 😉

Now I must go make all of these things happen…

What are some of your favorite local things to do in the summer?