5 Days Later… New Year’s Resolutions

Well hello there strangers!

This post is coming at you from the glorious comfort of my home Sunday evening… as in pre-writing a post instead of scrambling around Monday morning during my break at work per usual. I am delighted to share some 2015 goals with you lovely folks on this fine Monday morning 😉

Just for Me

Make a budget and actually stick to it. I’m one of the least budget oriented humans on the planet. On occasion I knock budget making out of the park but then it’s like “OOO look at all of this money I saved… must spend it now.” Approaching my 25th year of life I’ve decided it’s time to get serious about a realistic plan for my mostly hard earned cash. I’ve been researching apps and various articles/websites about keeping tabs on finances and hopefully I succeed in saving.

Volunteer. I’ve been a part of lots of groups in my life. All of those sports teams, clubs and social organizations offer so much but one thing I seemed to overlook was the fact that almost all involve volunteering. Now that I’m not part of as many groups I really haven’t done much by way of volunteering (unless you count the wine festival) in awhile know but I really believe Burlington is such cool place to live and it’s time to start giving back to the community.

Meal Plan. Actually cook the meals I plan. Truth be told I’m actually fantastic at meal planning. Organizing recipes and seeing how to use ingredients in multiple meals is so fun for me. Then there is that whole following through on actually making the meals that I seem to stink at. I get distracted with work or social events that constantly seem to pop up and then dinner becomes either out or cabinet specials. So far in the new year I have cooked 4 super simple but delicious meals and I’m so excited to keep that going. 100A6FDE-06A2-4126-838F-CE773098240BIt may not be pretty but man oh man was it delicious.

Health & Fitness

Prioritize it! I used to put fitness at the top of my daily to do list. No matter what it was I made sure to get even the smallest work out in. While 2014 was better in terms of regaining that passion for health and activity, there is still so much room for improvement!  I mean I have the least expensive yoga membership ever & a gym in my office building… there should be no reason I can’t get in workouts.

Run 5 Races. Last year I ran a 10K and a Half Marathon and quite honestly I could have put in a lot more work than I did. I love training schedules and working the mileage into my daily routine. I think 5 races is an attainable goal and how could I not get excited about more race bibs??

Lake Placid Half MarathonI did it for the bib.

Strength Train. I don’t use weights… weights and I are not friends. We could be but I basically wrote them off the first time I met them. 2015 is the year I push myself to use them. Maybe even go to a cross fit class or two that my friend has been begging me to take with her for a year now 😉

Blog Life

Be more consistent. I’ve basically failed at maintaining any sort of consistent posting schedule. I may not need it to be all five days a week but if I could get to at least 3 a week I’d be over the moon. I also want to make sure they are as quality as they possibly can be. Writing posts the night before if possible and being able to tweak them instead of rush is a priority.

A Face Lift. I will soon be taking a web design class with the hopes of not only graduating (it’s required) but also learning more about how to do things with this fancy schmancy blog I’ve got. I’d love to get some better photos on here and clean up the joint in general. There are so many amazing resources out there that I absolutely need to take advantage of.

Be more health & fitness oriented. In addition to prioritizing fitness in my life I’d also like to share that on this blog more often.  I’m obsessed with following your weekly workouts and it’s so fun to see how the training process is going for everyone. I’ve mentioned random classes I’ve taken and fitness goals I’ve been working towards (getting a yoga membership was a big step) but I’m looking forward to sharing even more.

PlannersThe only thing better than one planner is two planners. One for daily life and one for fitness, meals and blog stuff.

Cheers to keeping me accountable in the New Year 🙂

Do you have any fun resolutions or goals for this year?

Can you believe it’s already the first Monday of the year???