Recapping: A Very TV Weekend

Happy Monday everyone!

So I’ll be honest, I watched a lot of tv this weekend. It was a lot more than normal but quite frankly it was freaking awesome.

Friday: Maria and I went to a spin class Friday evening (more on that Thursday) and then enjoyed a very classy meal of Auntie Annie’s mac and cheese, fruit, snacks & of course wine. While doing so we caught up on the newest season of the Bachelor and lordy was that entertaining. I don’t understand why I haven’t watched in years but I’m totally hooked to the drama. My first impression rose goes to Kaitlyn. She is ballsy, judgy and hilarious. I want to be her best friend (so far).

Friday Night MealPerfection for a Friday night in.

Saturday: Playoff football obviously. SO BUMMED THAT THE PATRIOTS WON. Gah I can’t stand them. Growing up in New England they are shoved down your throat and I’m super ready to return to the days of them being horrible. I was sort of hoping for the upset of Seattle just for some interesting story line but I’m okay with the win.

Sunday: More playoff football, Peyton lost and I’m still a wreck about it but hey at least I took a selfie before. #noshame

Denver Broncos

The Golden Globes (and laundry) took over my Sunday night festivities. I didn’t notice til posting this that some of my favorite looks are all in the same color scheme but oh well!

Ellie Kemper

I mean of course Ellie Kemper looks adorable. When does she not?

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale is always a favorite for me. Though I’m not totally in love with the hair.

Reese Witherspoon

Oh Reese, you look like a beautiful statue.

Is anyone else as big a fan of Eddie Redmayne as I am? That side smile? Gosh, I’m completely smitten. I think I mentioned to Zach how attractive I think he is at least 6 times during the show. Oops!

I loved the Globes, I just wish there had been more Tina & Amy.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Did you watch the Golden Globes? Did you have a favorite look?

Did your team win this weekend? If it was the Patriots I semi-apologize for my rant 😉