Get it Right, Get it Tight?

Hey Friends!

One of the main reasons for coming back to blogging is to hold myself accountable (I’ve said that far too much but I can’t come up with a better way of putting it) in terms of health and fitness. I read so many amazing healthy living blogs and one of the best parts is not only getting ideas from each other as well as tapping into the incredible online community.  Today I am going to share some of the goals I’d like to focus on this year.

2015 was a great year but I will admit it was probably one of my least health conscious years. I developed a love for running and being fit my senior year of high school on into college. I managed a happy balance for awhile but soon became a bit too focused on “fitting in” both physically and socially to my new life in Tennessee which lead to unhealthy decisions. I attempted to keep up with my passion for leading a healthy lifestyle but soon found it too difficult to maintain while balancing school and work.

Moving back to Vermont I always assumed I’d just pick it all back up where I left it years before but of course that isn’t how that works. While I’m definitely not on the inactive roster, I 100% want 2016 to be the year I shift my focus back onto a healthy lifestyle. Here are some of my goals:

Running: I miss running! I miss training for something! So I signed up for the RunVermont Half Marathon Unplugged in early April (my first time running this race) so that is my number one focus over the next two months. I ran for the first time for longer than a mile on Tuesday to begin my training program but more on that next Thursday when I pick up my “Training Day” posts!

Yoga: I continue paying for my yoga membership because “this is the week I’m going to go” but I freaking seriously need to actually go. I can already feel my back starting to ache from not being stretched out enough. Plus my noodle arms are far too flabby for their own good so my return is necessary.

Cycling: I love spin classes and I think they are a great way to cross-train for races! Unfortunately my attendance at my beloved Cyclepath has been less than consistent. I went for the first time in awhile last Thursday to a HardCore class which entailed 30 minutes of spin, 15 of core exercies and thought I was dying. I don’t think I’ve ever made such awful faces to the instructor- sorry Ian! I’d like to get to the point where I do not make these faces… as much…

Food: I need to start cooking/prepping again. I work a lot of night shifts and my schedule varies each week now which means many of my meals are taken care of at work. While this is great for the old bank account it creates far too many excuses for me to never have a single grocery in the house and gives me a very untrue “I can eat whatever I want” mentality. My goal is to just be more prepared for my schedule each week by having healthy meals and snacks to take along with me. Lord knows I have some rather unhealthy eating habits that I could stand to kick!

Sleep: Inconsistent work schedule = inconsistent sleep schedule. I hope that by changing my activity levels and cleaning up my diet I can fix some of the issues I have with getting into a relatively consistent sleep pattern but I definitely need to make more of an effort.

And there you have it, my 2016 (and many years to come) goals for a return to healthy me.


Til next time! 🙂


Training Day: Jan 29th-Feb 4th

I’m so happy to report my workouts have gone from non-existent to sporadic to dare I say regularly scheduled! Holla! Here is this week’s success story…

Thursday: Flow @ Sangha

Last week was really great for my yoga practice, I made it to 4 classes and really started to get into a “flow” shall we speak. Thursday night’s class however was definitely a struggle. It was just one of those classes where I spent half the time just feeling entirely unbalanced and the other half of the time thinking about how unbalanced I was. I was frustrated but I just kept telling myself that if I just push through I’ll feel so much better and I really did. Everyone has those classes, Thursday was just mine.

Friday: Spinning @ Cyclepath

Maria and I made it to our weekly spin class date about 15 minutes early and had a really awesome chat with the owners. Little did we know the freezing cold temperatures kept everyone else away that night so we essentially got an hour long private class. They even played Bastille… you guys know how strongly I feel about that band, I was in heaven! Thanks so much to Ian and Kara for taking the time to help us sweat it out also thank you for not making us do push ups 🙂

Saturday: Slow Massage Flow @ Sangha

This was the first time I took this style of class which is described as being mellow, gentle and meditative. I was really excited about it because I love the instructor and I thought it’d be a great way to relax for an hour while still doing something good for myself. I absolutely loved the style of class and I’m so glad I went but I am hesitant about just how crowded it was. The studio is small and the weekend classes seem to be quite popular (such a great problem for them to have in my opinion) but I think I prefer my week day classes with a little bit more space.

Sunday: Rest

Aka Super Bowl watching and chili eating.

Monday: Rest

We did go bowling that night which was a blast but I’m not entirely sure that I exuded a lot of physical energy getting all of those strikes 😉


Tuesday: Snowboarding

I took a random vacation day to finally escape up to the mountains for a day on the slopes. It was bitterly cold but the blue skies and sun shining were only slightly less attractive than the huge piles of untouched powder. There were no lift lines, no jam ups on the trails and absolutely no limit to how truly sore I could make myself in one day. It was perfect. We spent most of the afternoon in the glades and also made a few casual pit stops at the Castlerock Pub… because why not?

Sugarbush Mountain

Zach in the glades

Wednesday: Sore

So sore, just so unbelievably sore. I had really high hopes of going to my favorite yoga class of the week around lunch time but I just couldn’t have imagined that would have been very fun in my condition. Walking up the stairs to get to my evening class last night was the worst kind of torture. Oh well, it was worth it 🙂

On to this week’s plan…

Thursday: 30 minutes of Yoga at home

Friday: Spin Class @ Cyclepath

Saturday: Snowboarding with the family for the birthday!

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Flow Yoga @ Sangha

Tuesday: Spin Class @ Cyclepath

Wednesday: Flow Yoga @ Sangha

I’m really happy with how these last two weeks have gone fitness wise, they aren’t perfect but they are so much better and it’s amazing how great I feel just being more consistent. Hope you are having a lovely Thursday!

How is your fitness routine going?

Bowling: Exercise or not?

Training Day: Jan 8th-14th

Late in the day post but a post no less!

Thursday: N/A

I planned for a yoga class during lunch but had some pop up meetings at work that I couldn’t get out of. I had already made plans after work to see the lovely Heather once more before she left for New Orleans (a date I’d never miss) so sadly my work out plans did not happen.

Friday: Cyclepath “Club Sweat” (70 minutes)

I’ve mentioned my cyclepath love many times on this old blog of mine but it truly is such a great spin studio. I mean one of the owner’s checked us in, gave us glow stick bracelets and then even took the class with us! It was one hell of a high energy class let me tell you! I haven’t sweat like that in awhile but it was soooooo good. We did a lot out of the saddle which really got my arms and core involved which I loved. The playlist was perfect for the style of class, Maria and I are on a mission to figure out what the last song they played was!

Maria and I Cyclepath

Also, you know how last week I mentioned how I fell in love with my new Hunter boots? Well I love them so much that I forgot them at the studio and obsessively drove back to the studio only to find it closed for the evening. I immediately emailed the owner to make sure that they would be there when I arrived AS SOON AS THEY OPENED the next morning. He was really nice and practically didn’t judge me for leaving my kids behind at all.

Saturday: In Home Yoga (30 Minutes)

I was really hoping to get to the yoga studio but unfortunately some car issues have created quite the stand still in my schedule. I did complete a 30 minute yoga series while watching “Tree House Masters” (addicted, seriously Mr. Nelson BUILD ME A TREE HOUSE!)

Sunday: Planks (10 Minutes)

The plan was to snowboard but the car situation mentioned above sidelined that goal. Super bummed that I didn’t make it to the slopes but I will try again this Sunday! I did some planks that I didn’t want to do but felt inspired to do while watching football.

Monday: N/A

I had planned for Monday to be a rest day and rest day it was!

Tuesday: Running (30 Minutes)

I was trying to get to yoga again but ran out of time and instead took to the gym in the office to get a 20 minute run in (plus 5 minute warm up and cool down). It felt good to get my legs moving!

Wednesday: N/A

I wanted to get some sort of work out in but it didn’t happen. I did almost reach my step goal on my fitbit though so that is super exciting!

Week Overall: I felt alright about this week, it wasn’t as active as I hoped but it was okay.  I was definitely trying to make it to yoga more than once in the week but my schedule got the best of me. I’ll try again this week though!

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Yoga @ Sangha before work and then headed off on a road trip to Saratoga Springs, NY with my lovely lady friend Sarah!

Saturday: Does shopping in Saratoga count?

Sunday: Snowboarding (hopefully) with my dad! When your parents live in Colorado they don’t exactly see the “joy” in Vermont skiing unless the conditions are damn near close to perfect. So let’s hope for great weather 😉

Monday: Yoga @ Sangha

Tuesday: Spin class @ Cyclepath

Wednesday: Yoga @ Sangha

How did your work outs go this week?

Anyone ever been to Saratoga Springs?

Studio 208: Pilates Class

Hey there people! I’m writing this post while eating a small box of junior mints, a box of junior mints I just earned finishing a brand spankin’ new (to me) fitness class over at Studio 208. For those of you who have followed along since the beginning (I’m looking at you Mom and Dad) you know that I took my very first barre class over at Studio 208 and it rocked my socks. I still get the feels over how much I enjoyed that class…

Studio 208So after a few weeks of writing their Pilates Plus class on my schedule I finally made it over there for today’s class and I am so glad that I did.

Pilates is one of those exercises that I absolutely love the way that it feels and how challenging it is but in all honestly I probably haven’t legitimately practiced in years.  One Christmas during high school I got a Windsor Pilates DVD and I did it so much that to this day I could do it from memory.  Let’s be real though, a teacher in person is far better for assisting my shaky form than a recording!

Having not done much by way of mat work in so long I was feeling pretty nervous that I would feel super out of place but thankfully that wasn’t the case.  Sure, I was incredibly inflexible when it came time to keep the legs up. Sure, I wanted to remove my shaking arms from my body when we were using 2lb hand weights. Sure, I was again sticking my tongue out to “focus” during the core work. But then there were those awesome times where my breathing was in check, my form solid (ish) and I was rocking a legit smile on my face.

The instructor was great, she had this bubbly personality and seemed to know everyone in there… regulars = sign of a good instructor. The class flowed in typical Pilates fashion not focusing on one thing for too long but making sure to work each body part out well.  When I got off the mat at the end of the class my legs felt like jelly and even only an hour out my arms are sore just typing this- it feels awesome!

I would highly recommend the classes at Studio 208. The next one I really want to try is Barre-lates so I can combine my rekindled love of Pilates with my new found love of Barre. Wins all around!

In general I really want to continue Pilates because a strong core of course helps with running  but it is also crucial for the upcoming snowboard season which I could not be more excited for!  Some people work out for beach season, I work out for snow season 🙂

Do you enjoy Pilates?

Have you taken a new fitness class lately?

Do you do any winter sports?

Namaste & All That Good Stuff

Hello there, friends!

I know how important it is for you to find out that our softball team is going to the Championship game after a hard fought battle against the Hilton last night so I will lead with that.


Anyway on to the real subject of the post…

This past weekend almost 400 yogis took over Burlington’s Church Street for a free event open to any and everyone who had a mat and the desire to practice.

Yoga on Church StreetHow freaking cool does this look??? Photo credit from Sangha Studio’s Facebook page.

While I was unable to attend this event hearing about it got me thinking.  Freshman year of college I decided to take my first yoga class and it taught me what I had always suspected… I am the least flexible human on the planet.  Upon returning weekly it also taught me many other actually helpful things that I use in my everyday life.

Yoga has taught me various breathing techniques which I use not only when running but also to calm myself when I am feeling stressed.

Yoga has taught me tricks for falling asleep faster and more importantly, getting back to sleep once I have woken up. This has been a real problem for me lately, I keep waking up 2 hours before the alarm goes off. When I am having trouble I try to combine breathing patterns with focusing on each body part individually as I slowly (most of the time) drift off.

Yoga has taught me how to stretch out certain problem areas to the point of even reducing some of the problems. Lower back pain be gone!!

Yoga has taught me that pushing outside of my comfort zone (i.e. signing up for the class in the first place) can create some of the best consequences… like my pants fitting better. WIN!

So why don’t I go anymore?

I struggle to do yoga on my own, like many exercises I am much more likely to push myself when I am in a class setting.  I genuinely enjoy the feeling of being in a studio with others practicing together. I also probably make people feel better about their flexibility based on my complete lack there of… I’m a humanitarian what can I say?

That being said, yoga classes tend to be on the expensive side.  Rationalizing the $10-15 a class on my budget has pushed attending classes to the wayside.  I have been thinking about incorporating a class or two into my schedule/budget for awhile now because I know how much I have benefited from consistent practice in the past.

So this week I have skipped the 3-4 trips I normally make to the coffee stop in the office building for iced tea #addictionproblems and tomorrow afternoon I will replace it with my first official yoga class in I don’t even know how long!

Wish me luck 😉

Do you practice yoga?

Do you prefer fitness classes or can you rock it by yourself?

Training Day (2: Two down, 13 to go)

First post of the week and it’s already Thursday, oops!

This week’s training was fairly easy as I had set it up to be. I was much more concerned with sticking to a plan than my mileage/pace times and fortunately it worked out.

Thursday: Rest day (I did play pinball so that was obviously high impact)

Friday: Unintentional rest day, it was supposed to be 2 miles but I had to work both jobs on Friday so I decided I would be happier if I pushed it back to Saturday.

Saturday: Hit the pavement for 2 miles to get the legs moving, the run went well and I did it in 22:15 which I was just fine with! Post-run I stopped at another place on my “Indie Coffee Passport” called Barrio Bakery and fell in love with it.  My dream life would involve me waking up early for work and spend an hour just hanging out over there before my real day starts, it is such an adorable little North End coffee shop!

Sunday: I ran 2.5 miles and shaved off a few minutes on the day before which felt great. I also got a manicure with my lovely mother which was basically the best way to spend a Sunday ever…

 ManicureI’m an almost exclusively red nail kinda girl.

Monday: 14 hour day… no way was I putting on the running shoes.

Tuesday: I ran 2 miles during my lunch break at work, I normally do the same loop when I’m at work right along the bike path but I switched it up and incorporated a few neighborhoods with some hills and they were tough! Necessary but tough! The weather has been cooling off a bit around here and it makes it that much easier to get out for a run.

Then our softball team suffered our first loss of the season (in the last regular season game- go figure) but we still had a blast!

Softball teamSliding is not recommended on this field… hence the bloody towel.

Wednesday: I was supposed to run another 2.5 miles yesterday but I tweaked my knee a bit in one of the softball games and it just didn’t feel right.  Instead of running Zach and I went fishing and I ate a bag of gummy bears, because what’s fishing without snacks??

I am happy to report that the knee feels great today and I’m glad I didn’t push it yesterday!

Overall I was supposed to hit 9 miles total for the week and came in at 6.5.  It doesn’t seem like much but I almost stuck to my plan so I think it was a success.

This week is when it starts to get into real mileage and try to be more mindful of the times.  I’m not exactly a time snob (something I have accepted by being pretty slow) but I do like to push myself and I’d love to get a little faster of course!  That’s all for this week’s training day, stay tuned for next Thursday’s update 🙂

What is your go to nail color?

Do you have a favorite bakery/coffee shop?

How important is your mile time to you?

Training Day (1: The Sign Up)

Yesterday I spent almost the entire day in bed. I can’t remember the last time I felt that sick/tired and I know it was entirely self-induced by how busy I’ve been keeping myself.  It was a pretty big wake-up call for me to slow down and be more respectful of how I’m feeling and what I’m taking on.  With that said I took a hard look at my schedule and saw that I have plenty of time for me in the coming month.  My favorite things to do when I get some down time are to catch up on sleep (duh!) and running regularly on a schedule.  What better way to run on a schedule than to sign up for a race?

So I will be signing up for the Maple Leaf Half Marathon in Manchester, VT on September 6th! I know what you are thinking, 6 weeks is not exactly an appropriate training period but in the last two weeks I’ve run much more frequently and have even gotten up to 6 miles a few times so I feel very confident.


I was on the fence about this race knowing that the 2.5 hour trip there would mean I’d have to stay over night the prior to the race #brokeproblems but thankfully (and selfishly) a friend of mine accepted her first teaching job in Bennington so now I have enough of an in to sign up!  I’ve never really spent much time in southern VT so I’m excited to get down there and see what it’s all about!

I thought I’d share three things that I do before almost every run…

1) Brush my teeth. Weird? Probably. Regardless of how long ago I ate anything I cannot get myself motivated to head out on a run with any taste in my mouth other than the minty freshness of toothpaste.  If I’m in a pinch (as in have forgotten my stolen hotel travel-sized toothbrush/toothpaste) I will substitute gum but it doesn’t do the trick as nicely.

2) Create a killer playlist on Spotify and name it “Ballin” cause I am not cool.  As I mentioned in my LP Half recap I am a music runner, I wish I was able to run without it but so far no dice.  My playlist is incredibly random and scattered like my personality and I love it that way!

Side note: one of the reasons I miss living in Knoxvegas is because I miss the Atlanta hip-hop influence on the radio/at bars.  I’m probably one of the only people in Burlington that can successfully do the “Wop” and rap all the lyrics to “Racks” by YC.

*If you know anyone in VT that can do either of these things, I want to meet them!*

3) Plan it out! I’m an avid MapMyRun user both prior to a run and during.  I will almost never lace up my sneakers without knowing exactly where I’m going be running to, it helps me mentally prepare.  In contrast, I will almost never look at a course map (unless there are known hill sections) for any race that I run. Probably not the best plan of attack but I just don’t like knowing.

I am so excited to be running in this race! I will definitely keep you posted on the training 🙂

Do you have any pre-run habits? Any weird ones?

What kind of music do you like to listen to while running?

An Evening at Snow Farm Vineyard & Winery

Last evening I joined my Pops, Katie and our family friend (and honorary sister) Kelly on a bike ride from the Colchester Causeway deep into the Champlain Islands along Lake Champlain. Our destination: Snow Farm Vineyard & Winery for their FREE Thursday night concerts in the field! The concerts are held every Thursday through the summer and my family had gone last week but I was not able to join so this week there was no way I was missing it!

We took off from Airport Parkway and made our way to the Island Line Bike Ferry– literally taking you from one side of the causeway to the other for a round-trip fee of $8, less if you are a member of the bike shop. This was my first time using the bike ferry, not only was it convenient but they were so sweet and grabbed our bikes for us and even unloaded them once we arrived at the dock.

Bike Ferry  Not a bad life…

Kelly, Katie and IKelly, Katie and I on the ferry!

The 9 mile bike ride to the Vineyard is fairly flat but the Island side has a few decent hills that made us work hard. At one point I tried to pass my dad but that man just won’t quit, retired life suits him well!

Once we arrived to the field there were tons of cars parked already and people camped out with blankets and folding chairs all over the place. There was plenty of room around everyone but I’d definitely recommend getting their early to secure a good spot! Luckily for us, my mom and some family friends had already arrived and grabbed us a spot so we worked our way through to join them 🙂

Snow Farm VineyardIf it’s free, people will come.

Mom and MaxwellMy lovely mother holding Rebecca’s adorable baby, Max!

The band was great, they played a lot of cover songs from rock & roll to country and even some newer pop songs. South Hero is only a few miles away from my hometown so it was fun to run into a bunch of people I hadn’t seen since high school. They do have some food trucks there but outside food is welcome. You are not allowed to bring your own alcohol- tough to care when you can buy delicious bottles of their wine and head back to your blanket (my favorite is the 2012 Estate Seyval Blanc- a little sweet, a little tart, perfect for after a bike ride) and they even have a few beers on tap.

Katie, Kelly, Rebecca and IThese are my sister’s close friends Kelly and Rebecca, they are practically family!

Katie and I agreed that our favorite part of the event is that everyone is welcome, whether you are 5 or 85 it’s a great evening to spend some time enjoying the weather and live music with friends and family. This is an event I would absolutely bring my friends to (I’ve already started the bragging process) and I am really hoping I get to take Zach’s parents when they come next month!

We left a little early to be able to grab the ferry again over the causeway and to avoid riding our bikes back in the dark.

Dad, Katie and IPops, Katie and I waiting for the ferry to take us back over

I cannot recommend this bike adventure and the concert series enough, it was so fun and I can’t wait to go back!

On an entirely separate note, it’s VERMONT BREW FEST DAY!!! I’ll be headed to one of my favorite events of the summer later this evening and I am so excited!

Also, I’m currently writing this post while listening to the Open Championship online, have you ever met anyone that listens to golf online? Yep, that’s me. Come on Rory!

Do you attend free local concerts in the summer?

Have you ever taken a ride on a bike ferry?

Not an Athlete but a Runner

I’ve never been much of an athlete. I have always played sports, I have always loved sports, but an athlete is definitely not the word I’d use.

BabyI have always been a baller though… case and point.

I was the kid that knew enough about the sport and was definitely decent enough to probably not mess anything up but I was never going to knock your socks off. In early high school (weighing in approximately 40 lbs more than I do today and 60 more than my lowest weight) I thought running was the worst punishment you could ever make me do. I would try anything and everything to get out of running…

“Sorry coach, my ankle is really bugging me- 2 miles just isn’t in the cards today.”

“I’ve had a stomach ache all day.”

I never really had to push myself, I just sort of let myself stay in this mode for quite some time because in my mind I was always going to be slow and I was always just going to be decent. I joined the track team (lol) and literally only did the 100 meter sprint because it was usually the first event of the day and once I finished I could just socialize with my friends for the rest of the meet (I’ve always been a talker, what can I say?) Then this funny thing happened, I joined a friend on a “long run” of a few miles… and I didn’t die. I was slow but I was doing it and I sort of even liked it.

Cut to senior year, still not in the best shape of my life but working towards it slowly. I completed runs without excuses and embraced the conditioning at field hockey practice. I would “run” frequently and it basically meant I would run and tell myself I could stop when I hit a specific mail box or when I got to the end of the road I could rest for a second. I just kept doing that on the same loop until I was finally able to run the whole thing without needing to walk or rest. I accidentally agreed to run half of the Vermont City Marathon about a month and a half prior to race day. I’m pretty sure everyone I told thought I was insane, I sort of thought I was insane. I knew I wasn’t “prepared” but I was just crazy enough to think that even if I cross the finish line walking, I still did it.

I completed my first half marathon on May 25th, 2008. It was hot, I was cramping, I was tired, my iPod fried itself on mile 7 when I ran through some mist (damn you, Apple) but I somehow became a half marathon finisher and that part was freaking awesome. Here is how I celebrated completing the race…

Senior PromSenior Prom with Meredith

Yupp- I went to my senior prom.  I danced until midnight, and then went to a post-prom bonfire and thought I was never going to be able to move from my folding chair. There isn’t a hot tub in the world that could have saved the way I felt the next day… except for maybe a hot tub time machine… I could go back and actually train 😉

Since then, I have had and up and down battle with getting myself motivated to run and be healthy. The next year I moved to Colorado and got into the best shape I’ve ever been in, eating well and working out daily and actually enjoying my very active lifestyle. I even ran another half of the Vermont City with Heather that summer.

VCMSecond VCM Half complete 🙂

The next few years I moved to Tennessee and kept the “shape” for a little while but lost all ability to be healthy. Eventually the weight gained and the running stopped altogether. Just over two years ago, after a “series of unfortunate events” I made the incredibly random decision to move back to Vermont. I thought back to my lifestyle growing up here and figured that I would just jump right back in to good health and being active but that did not happen. It took a few months for me to be able to learn how to run for longer than 5 minutes, I knew I had done it before but I just could not break the barrier.

Then, just as it happened before, the 5 minutes I was struggling with became 10 and just kept going from there. The biggest thing I’ve noticed in these last 6 years since my first race is how much more mentally tough I am and how much I appreciate that. Why I let myself go in these waves with running I really don’t know, it’s certainly something that I’m trying to make steady. Running is something that I care enough about to maintain but it’s also something that I’ve learned no matter how hard it gets, whether it’s a week since my last run or 2 years, I can and will pick it back up.

I have never considered myself much of an athlete, but a runner I am.

VCMIf I can do it, you can do it.

Were you a natural runner?

Have you ever struggled to start running again after you have stopped?

Studio 208: My First Barre Class

I want to start this post by sharing this photo from a couple nights ago fishing with Zach at Shelburne Pond.

Shelburne PondIt was absolutely incredible 🙂

Moving on though to the meat of the post, yesterday I completed my first ever Barre class!  I had been trying to get over to Studio 208 for a few weeks now but just could never make it work but I finally made it last night after work!  The class is was called “Run to Barre” and included a 30 minute run down to Oakledge park and then an hour long barre class upon returning.  As I’ve mentioned before I haven’t been running as much since the Half Marathon last month but I am definitely trying to get the wheels going again. When I saw this class I thought it would be a great opportunity to do something I love and add in something I’m freaking terrified of.

Studio 208Mostly kidding on being terrified but I am basically the least flexible human on the planet so a Barre class has always intimidated me.  From the minute I walked in the door I felt completely welcome and the instructor Erin was a total sweetheart, she knew what to say to make me feel comfortable. The other girls were definitely veterans but even they made me feel at ease which for those of you who have taken group fitness classes- that isn’t always the case.

The run went well but my stomach had been bothering me all day and that mixed with the heat gave me some full on huffing and puffing moments.  There were only 6 of us and it was sort of like just running with a club just for fun.  I almost forgot we were going to do a whole class after but I think it’s an awesome idea because not only did it feel good to complete but also made my muscles nice and loose!

As for the actual barre class… It went as I expected it would.  I blacked out somewhere in the hand weights section of the workout #noodlearms.  My toes are naturally pretty crampy and I had some moments of mostly over-dramatic panic convincing myself that they would stay cramped forever (they did not).  I wobbled at some points, felt really strong in others. I bent when I should have lengthened, I pointed when I should have flexed but all in all I felt oddly normal. I had done a bunch of pilates classes before so I didn’t feel totally out of my element with a lot of the mat stuff but I can tell you that getting my leg up on that bar was a doozy!  My favorite part was probably shimmying… hip shaking is my specialty (ha!) it was so fun! I loved the work on the mats and the way the class flowed, plus I almost died when a Bastille song started to play… I FREAKING LOVE BASTILLE!

I unintentionally (but sort of intentionally) creeped on the girl next to me during class cause unlike me, she knew exactly what she was doing and did it well.  I jokingly apologized after class and she laughed it off saying I did great for my first time… why, thank you random stranger girl.  I ended up getting this first class free so I’m still sitting on my 6 class pass that I bought half off a few weeks ago, which is ballin’ news because I will absolutely work this into my weekly routine. The atmosphere was warm and relaxing, the big open windows and brick walls were gorgeous and the location is literally 5 minutes from the office. I already feel great just after one class 🙂

After class I was absolutely starving but also still having the stomach bug from earlier so I went with a small meal that I tend to put together for lunch when I’m really busy…

DinnerPaper plates, deli ham, Stewart’s bakery roll and my favorite goat cheese on the planet… I’m so classy.

Goat CheeseNobody does goat cheese like Blue Ledge Farm– this one in particular is covered in herbs and goes with everything!

My older sister Katie lives in Nashville but is staying with us from a couple days and brought her puppy Maggie Lou… I have since learned that Maggie Lou is a psycho. Adorable and incredibly happy, but she is nuts. I am not used to someone staring so intently at me while I eat dinner so her style of “close-talking” was a learning experience to say the least.

Maggie Lou

I also now know that she loves socks… especially sweaty post-barre class socks… RIP socks. Thanks for the memories!


Oh well, now that I’m a “barre-go-er” I have decided I need these sweet new socks…

Be Amazing“Be Amazing” socks from Sticky be Socks

They have all sorts of colors and fun sayings on them, plus the quote on the website is by Joe Namath… J-E-T-S! JETS! JETS! JETS! Do I need them? Probably not but I know myself, I will get them.

Have you ever done a Barre class?

Have you tried any new fitness classes lately?