And for my first trick… A Race Recap!

Aloha People! (Or person… I don’t really know how this is going to go)
I had a tough time deciding if I wanted to do a race recap as my first post- in theory it would have been last week when the race actually occurred but then life got in the way. Oh well, here it goes!

On Sunday June 8th I ran in the Lake Placid Half Marathon in the beautiful Adirondack mountains of upstate New York. I was so excited to do this race because I hadn’t completed a half marathon in over 5 years and this one would be extra special as my Nana’s front porch is literally situated directly on the route. Built in fans, that is how I like to roll!


 I had completed a few 6 mile runs and one 8 mile run prior to race day, not exactly what I was hoping for but I decided that those had gone over well and that I would manage. I also purchased new Puma gear for the race so I just assumed that would add 5 miles right there.    That is how that works right?

The Day Before:

 I was super lucky to have my little sister make the trip with me to Lake Placid. We arrived Saturday afternoon and headed right to the Convention Center for race packet pick up. I filled out all the forms, stared down the competition and purchased an incredibly overpriced 13.1 sticker… because I needed it. After that I had a great pre-race meal and got to bed super early.   I was going to fake this til I made it!

Race Packet Pick Up!

Race Packet Pick Up!


 My lovely Nana was sitting in the kitchen when I bumbled down the stairs at 6 in the morning for my FAVORITE pre-race meal of an English muffin with peanut butter and bananas on top. Literally I have never eaten anything else the mornings of races, it’s my comfort run food. Outside the kitchen window I watched a man clearly doing a warm up run at which point my Nana said “Well he’s not going very fast” and I explained to her that if I could run as fast as he was “not”, I would be elated.

The Start:

I have no idea why I'm lifting my shirt so oddly.

I have no idea why I’m lifting my shirt so oddly.

 After having a casual photo shoot in the gas station parking lot (see above) my sister dropped me off to begin the race. The starting line was placed right in the middle of town and I thought the announcers did an excellent job of organizing everyone. They also warned of the dreaded black flies who had taken over Lake Placid in recent weeks and would no doubt make an appearance on all of us. 5 minutes to race time a gentleman who was giving us a “pep talk” over the loudspeaker popped the question to his lady friend AND she said yes so props to you sir!

I started my perfectly organized playlist appropriately titled “Ballin” and was off!

The Race:

I started out slowly but maintained a 10 minute average pace through the first 3 miles.
Just after mile 3 I passed by the same window I ate breakfast in hours before and got a good laugh over the poster my sister had made for me which you will see below!

At mile 4 I realized that the couple wearing bright orange shirts, were not stopping to rest at each mile marker but instead stopping to do cross fit moves! During the half marathon?!?! Other runners noticed too and everyone was taking tons of pictures of them, I don’t know who you crazy kids are but DAMN.

At mile 5 “Borderline” by Madonna began playing and I’m pretty sure I laughed through the entire song thinking about how much my boyfriend LOVES that freaking song!

At mile 6 I started hitting some hills and decided to try out the 60 second rule I had just read about. Once I hit the mile marker I walked for 60 seconds and then continued on running the rest of the mile until 7 and then repeated the 60 seconds of walking. I did this for the rest of the race and it really helped mentally get me to break the race down into one mile at a time. In past races I have definitely tried to overdo it and ended up costing me quite a bit of time and more importantly unnecessary effort.

Everything was going great through to turn around at mile 7.5 and right through mile 10. Mile 11 had one fairly nasty hill, mile 12 I passed by my Nana’s house again feeling MUCH more exhausted but still going. Halfway through mile 12 was when a massive hill hit and I definitely struggled. I still felt oddly strong and I knew that I was going to finish but that last bit was tough I am not going to lie.

The finish:

I came into the oval following behind an older gentleman who’s grandson had run out on to the course to finish with his Grandpa… Cue the waterworks because I’m already an emotional monster. I held it together and crossed at 2 hours and 37 minutes with my amazing sister Meghan and cousin DJ standing right at the finish line. I felt like a rockstar who could no longer feel her legs. It was awesome!

Lake Placid Half Marathon Finisher!

Lake Placid Half Marathon Finisher!

For those of you who don’t know me, my celebrity crush (like of all celebrities ever) is Rory McIlroy so this sign could not have fit me any more perfectly!

Best Poster Ever

Best Poster Ever!


The race organizers did a great job, from announcers to volunteers everyone I crossed paths with were so nice. I made sure to say thank you to everyone who would listen for cheering us on and spending the hot day out there supporting people. The course was beautiful, I mean when you have the opportunity to run in such a historic little town and see some of the most incredible views you have no choice but to feel lucky. It was so cool to finish directly in front of the high school my mom graduated from. It was absolutely heartwarming to have family there to be able to share my accomplishment with.

Favorite little sister on the planet!

Favorite little sister on the planet!

Thanks for reading my rambles ❤