Hello There!

I’m Kari and I’m super excited you’ve stopped by Green Mountain Life!

   On my 24th birthday I promised myself that I would be the type of person who follows through with things. As an avid blog reader and former blog owner (for approximately 5 minutes) I finally decided to take the plunge again and see what happens.  I also bought a house plant named Freddy but unfortunately he didn’t make it. I did at 25 however start a coupon binder so at least I’m trying to be an adult.

I’m a born and raised Vermont gal but I moved away for college in Colorado and Tennessee only to return to my roots 4 years ago.

I make a living in hospitality and I dream of one day being a professional tourist. I like to stay active and my love for all things sports-related knows no bounds.

To say that I am sarcastic would be an understatement.

My spirit animal is a cross between Connie Britton and Mindy Kaling.

I have unhealthy obsessions with brownie sundaes, useless pop culture “facts” and knowing an unbelievable amount of song lyrics.

I don’t take myself too seriously, so I don’t expect you to take me too seriously.


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