Fun Facts Friday!

So happy it’s Friday! So ready for the weekend 🙂

1. “Yes Please” to Amy Poehler’s new book.

Amy Poehler "Yes Please"

This book is everything I thought it would be. Witty, honest and endearing it completely shows her personality for better or for worse. I’m such a big Amy Poehler fan and getting to know how she got to the place she is with such funny and random stories strung throughout has made me love her even more. The only thing I will say that is a bit weird is how much she name drops, I can’t tell if she’s over doing it just to be funny or if she told everyone and their mother that she would mention them because even for this celebrity obsessed girl, it’s a bit much!

2. DIY Instagram Coasters are super fun to give as presents but you should start them a week before giving them to the person not a day.

Meg DIY Coaster

I found the easiest tutorial ever on Living Your Creative to make some coasters and while it was so simple and they came out so well I made the mistake of trying to do 24 of them the night before Christmas. Fail. I must have missed the part in the directions that said they need to be sprayed and set with acrylic like a week after the modge podge is put on. OH well I did bring them along with me to show everyone what they would be getting when I complete them and so far the reviews are all positive. I’m actually really happy with how they came out. The one above is my little sister Meghan while she was studying abroad in Greece. How cool is she??

3. I’m the proud owner of Hunter Boots.

Hunter Boots

As all of you know the weather has been an absolute disaster in these parts lately but thankfully for me the boy and I wandered out Tuesday night to grab my much anticipated Christmas present. We went into Dear Lucy, one of the most adorable little shoe stores on Church Street and I immediately went in for the kill on some original tall matte black Hunter Boots. Add in the welly boot socks they are the perfect warmth for these arctic temperatures outside. Safe to say, I’m in love with this club.

4. I won something at Cyclepath’s Anniversary Party!

 Cyclepath Anniversary Party

Last month Maria and I hit up the one year anniversary party for the spin studio and we both ended up winning prizes. I’m not entirely sure what I won but it’s exciting regardless. Tonight we are going to check out a class called “Club Sweat” which is described as a nightclub themed spin class. I’m going to have to find something that glows in the dark… I’m so excited.

5. I’m going to watch this season of the Bachelor.

I haven’t seen any since I was maybe in my freshman year of college but I’m going to try again with this season. Why? Not sure but I think it’s going to be a great decision.


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