Recapping: An Overnight in Saratoga Springs

Hello all!

I wrote out this entire post on Sunday to be able to post Monday and then of course my computer crashed without even saving a single draft… #bloggerproblems. So anyway sorry it took a couple of days to post but in any event Sarah and I had a great time during our little getaway to race country Friday night.

First stop was to Olde Saratoga Brewing Co where I managed to walk in on someone using the restroom immediately upon arrival. Where there is an awkward situation, there is an incredibly awkward Kari finding it. Sorry dude! After that adventure I spent 5 hard earned dollars on choosing 6 beers to sample from their impressively long list. The tasting room was really cool and they even had some doughboys for sale from a local company.Β  The beers ranged from Lagers to Stouts and everything in between. I really liked their Saratoga Lager but the IPA stole the show. The Moonpie Oatmeal Stout was surprisingly delicious and Sarah and I both liked their Peanut Butter & Jelly Stout.

Olde Saratoga Brewing Company

We made a quick stop at the Courtyard we were staying for the night before the chilly but easy walk downtown. While most of the shops were closed on Broadway you could tell that this would be an incredibly fun spot to hang out in during the warmer months. Very similar to Church Street in it’s design and even some of the shops they had mirrored the ones here in Vermont.

The girl at the brewery recommended Boca Bistro for it’s fantastic tapas menu. The space itself was awesome! From the exposed brick to the tin ceilings, they really did rustic meets modern so well. I have had a small huge obsession with pigs since I was a kid so the metal pigs scattered through the shelves were my favorite part. Sarah and I were beyond impressed with the staff, everyone we encountered was so warm and welcoming. The food itself was delicious and it came out unbelievably fast. We tried the ham croquettes as well as the pork belly for our plates. The croquettes were good but I don’t think I’ve ever had pork belly that well done. We could have easily bellied up (pun intended) to the beautiful bar and reordered that one plate 10 times that night. Instead we asked our friendly waiter, Mark where we should head to next.

Boca Bistro Tapas

Don’t be fooled by my horrendous plate photo abilities, that sweet potato puree mixed with the tomato relish was perfection.

Mark suggested we try out Seven Horse Pub for round two of appetizers and other beer options so off we went. I can’t say too much about this place other than your typical bar/restaurant. The beer was pretty good, the spinach and artichoke dip was standard but it definitely seemed like a fun place to get out and watch a game.

Our lovely friend Chelsea suggested we hit up Circus Cafe for a cocktail during our trip so that was the next step. It was a little dead in there but that was easily overlooked thanks to the amazingly funky atmosphere! To be fair though we were there about 5 hours before I assume real people go out (we had a self-given curfew). We just ordered a couple of drinks but the menu looked so fun! I would love to go back to try it out for lunch or dinner (if I can pull myself away from that tapas menu that is).

Circus Cafe Margarita

The final stop of the evening was to Henry Street Taproom a place that if it relocated to Vermont I would without a doubt become a regular. This place was at the top of my to do list going in and every single person confirmed that we needed to try it out. So many beers, an awesome fireplace, such a great casual place for the locals and non-locals to hang out.

We had a blast exploring downtown and I can definitely see many more trips to the area in the future… like when the weather is above zero degrees. My only regret is not taking a picture on the horse statue outside of the hotel. You avoided me this trip horse statue, next time you won’t be so lucky. There you have it folks, I’ve officially run out of synonyms for “delicious” and “awesome” so I guess I’ll end this recap here.

See ya later, Saratoga Springs πŸ™‚

Have you ever been to that area of New York?

Do you have any trips coming up? Zach and I will be joining another couple for a trip to Quebec City this weekend and we can’t wait!


Fun Facts Friday!

Hello there friends! Let’s get right down to it, shall we?

1. You need to stop what you are doing and follow Broad Street Dough Co. on Instagram.

Broad Street Dough Co. Instagram

How incredible does this thing look? I literally salivate every day they post a picture. I am actively searching for reasons to get to New Jersey purely because I need to get to this doughnut shop. It’s becoming an obsession.

Β 2. My fitbit is starting to grow on me.

Fitbit Flex

My sister got me a fitbit for Christmas and I’ve basically been wearing it every day since. I’ve been learning how to use it and while I’m still struggling with the sleep function (they lie when they say just tap quickly) but otherwise I’m a big fan. I like being able to track my food and exercised that aren’t picked up by it (i.e. those yoga classes). So yeah so far so good!

3. This Sole Society stripe weekender bag needs to be mine.


I’ve been looking for the perfect weekender bag and I’ve had my eye on this one for quite some time now. I love black and white stripes plus the size would be perfect for quick trips. Bonus it’s less than $65!

4. This etsy dinosaur ring is amazing.

Etsy Dinosaur Sterling Silver Ring

I mean can you imagine “oh hey nice dinosaur ring” as a compliment? It would be the best compliment I’ve ever received.

5. These Salted Caramel Brownie Bites from Inside Bru Crew Life could be the best thing that’s ever come out of the food blogger world.


No explanation needed.

Now I must go pack up my things for our little road trip, have a happy weekend everyone! πŸ™‚

Training Day: Jan 8th-14th

Late in the day post but a post no less!

Thursday: N/A

I planned for a yoga class during lunch but had some pop up meetings at work that I couldn’t get out of. I had already made plans after work to see the lovely Heather once more before she left for New Orleans (a date I’d never miss) so sadly my work out plans did not happen.

Friday: Cyclepath “Club Sweat” (70 minutes)

I’ve mentioned my cyclepath love many times on this old blog of mine but it truly is such a great spin studio. I mean one of the owner’s checked us in, gave us glow stick bracelets and then even took the class with us! It was one hell of a high energy class let me tell you! I haven’t sweat like that in awhile but it was soooooo good. We did a lot out of the saddle which really got my arms and core involved which I loved. The playlist was perfect for the style of class, Maria and I are on a mission to figure out what the last song they played was!

Maria and I Cyclepath

Also, you know how last week I mentioned how I fell in love with my new Hunter boots? Well I love them so much that I forgot them at the studio and obsessively drove back to the studio only to find it closed for the evening. I immediately emailed the owner to make sure that they would be there when I arrived AS SOON AS THEY OPENED the next morning. He was really nice and practically didn’t judge me for leaving my kids behind at all.

Saturday: In Home Yoga (30 Minutes)

I was really hoping to get to the yoga studio but unfortunately some car issues have created quite the stand still in my schedule. I did complete a 30 minute yoga series while watching “Tree House Masters” (addicted, seriously Mr. Nelson BUILD ME A TREE HOUSE!)

Sunday: Planks (10 Minutes)

The plan was to snowboard but the car situation mentioned above sidelined that goal. Super bummed that I didn’t make it to the slopes but I will try again this Sunday! I did some planks that I didn’t want to do but felt inspired to do while watching football.

Monday: N/A

I had planned for Monday to be a rest day and rest day it was!

Tuesday: Running (30 Minutes)

I was trying to get to yoga again but ran out of time and instead took to the gym in the office to get a 20 minute run in (plus 5 minute warm up and cool down). It felt good to get my legs moving!

Wednesday: N/A

I wanted to get some sort of work out in but it didn’t happen. I did almost reach my step goal on my fitbit though so that is super exciting!

Week Overall: I felt alright about this week, it wasn’t as active as I hoped but it was okay.Β  I was definitely trying to make it to yoga more than once in the week but my schedule got the best of me. I’ll try again this week though!

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Yoga @ Sangha before work and then headed off on a road trip to Saratoga Springs, NY with my lovely lady friend Sarah!

Saturday: Does shopping in Saratoga count?

Sunday: Snowboarding (hopefully) with my dad! When your parents live in Colorado they don’t exactly see the “joy” in Vermont skiing unless the conditions are damn near close to perfect. So let’s hope for great weather πŸ˜‰

Monday: Yoga @ Sangha

Tuesday: Spin class @ Cyclepath

Wednesday: Yoga @ Sangha

How did your work outs go this week?

Anyone ever been to Saratoga Springs?

Recapping: A Very TV Weekend

Happy Monday everyone!

So I’ll be honest, I watched a lot of tv this weekend. It was a lot more than normal but quite frankly it was freaking awesome.

Friday: Maria and I went to a spin class Friday evening (more on that Thursday) and then enjoyed a very classy meal of Auntie Annie’s mac and cheese, fruit, snacks & of course wine. While doing so we caught up on the newest season of the Bachelor and lordy was that entertaining. I don’t understand why I haven’t watched in years but I’m totally hooked to the drama. My first impression rose goes to Kaitlyn. She is ballsy, judgy and hilarious. I want to be her best friend (so far).

Friday Night MealPerfection for a Friday night in.

Saturday: Playoff football obviously. SO BUMMED THAT THE PATRIOTS WON. Gah I can’t stand them. Growing up in New England they are shoved down your throat and I’m super ready to return to the days of them being horrible. I was sort of hoping for the upset of Seattle just for some interesting story line but I’m okay with the win.

Sunday: More playoff football, Peyton lost and I’m still a wreck about it but hey at least I took a selfie before. #noshame

Denver Broncos

The Golden Globes (and laundry) took over my Sunday night festivities. I didn’t notice til posting this that some of my favorite looks are all in the same color scheme but oh well!

Ellie Kemper

I mean of course Ellie Kemper looks adorable. When does she not?

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale is always a favorite for me. Though I’m not totally in love with the hair.

Reese Witherspoon

Oh Reese, you look like a beautiful statue.

Is anyone else as big a fan of Eddie Redmayne as I am? That side smile? Gosh, I’m completely smitten. I think I mentioned to Zach how attractive I think he is at least 6 times during the show. Oops!

I loved the Globes, I just wish there had been more Tina & Amy.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Did you watch the Golden Globes? Did you have a favorite look?

Did your team win this weekend? If it was the Patriots I semi-apologize for my rant πŸ˜‰

Fun Facts Friday!

So happy it’s Friday! So ready for the weekend πŸ™‚

1. “Yes Please” to Amy Poehler’s new book.

Amy Poehler "Yes Please"

This book is everything I thought it would be. Witty, honest and endearing it completely shows her personality for better or for worse. I’m such a big Amy Poehler fan and getting to know how she got to the place she is with such funny and random stories strung throughout has made me love her even more. The only thing I will say that is a bit weird is how much she name drops, I can’t tell if she’s over doing it just to be funny or if she told everyone and their mother that she would mention them because even for this celebrity obsessed girl, it’s a bit much!

2. DIY Instagram Coasters are super fun to give as presents but you should start them a week before giving them to the person not a day.

Meg DIY Coaster

I found the easiest tutorial ever on Living Your Creative to make some coasters and while it was so simple and they came out so well I made the mistake of trying to do 24 of them the night before Christmas. Fail. I must have missed the part in the directions that said they need to be sprayed and set with acrylic like a week after the modge podge is put on. OH well I did bring them along with me to show everyone what they would be getting when I complete them and so far the reviews are all positive. I’m actually really happy with how they came out. The one above is my little sister Meghan while she was studying abroad in Greece. How cool is she??

3. I’m the proud owner of Hunter Boots.

Hunter Boots

As all of you know the weather has been an absolute disaster in these parts lately but thankfully for me the boy and I wandered out Tuesday night to grab my much anticipated Christmas present. We went into Dear Lucy, one of the most adorable little shoe stores on Church Street and I immediately went in for the kill on some original tall matte black Hunter Boots. Add in the welly boot socks they are the perfect warmth for these arctic temperatures outside. Safe to say, I’m in love with this club.

4. I won something at Cyclepath’s Anniversary Party!

Β Cyclepath Anniversary Party

Last month Maria and I hit up the one year anniversary party for the spin studio and we both ended up winning prizes. I’m not entirely sure what I won but it’s exciting regardless. Tonight we are going to check out a class called “Club Sweat” which is described as a nightclub themed spin class. I’m going to have to find something that glows in the dark… I’m so excited.

5. I’m going to watch this season of the Bachelor.

I haven’t seen any since I was maybe in my freshman year of college but I’m going to try again with this season. Why? Not sure but I think it’s going to be a great decision.

Training Day: Jan 1st-7th

Greetings from the Tundra! This whole “feels like negative 25 degrees” thing is really messing with me. I’m normally not as big of a pansy but something about the weather not being above my age is really a bummer. Anyway on to the post, so I know I’m not training for anything yet but part of my goal for this year is to prioritize fitness so I figured what better way to do that than by keeping track on the blog!

Typically I would start with Thursday and highlight the exercises I’ve done through Wednesday but since I took full advantage of the long holiday weekend without any plans (thus being as lazy as humanly possible) we can skip right to Monday this week! Though to my activity credit, Tennessee did win their bowl game on Friday afternoon with an impressive showing offensively so for those three hours I was jumping up and down constantly.

Monday 1/5: Yoga Class (55 minutes).

I started the week off well with a lunchtime fluid yoga class at Sangha. I was able to get there early enough to score a spot on the wall which came in handy when I needed to prop myself up from exhaustion. Stretching of any kind took a back seat in the last two weeks of December so I felt about as limber as a brick building. Caitlin the instructor helped me push through a chair pose that left my legs burning so bad but so good.


Tuesday: Rest Day.

I located my missing sneakers so that was a big win.

Wednesday: Pro Ride Snowboard Workout Series Beginner (30 minutes) + Stretches (15 minutes).

Not too long ago in my random google searching I found this workout series from Pro Ride to get myself ready for the snowboarding season and so far I’ve fallen in love with it. They are spot on with how they relate to snowboarding moves and I love that there are workouts of various difficulties available. I’d highly recommend this workout series as something quick (only takes about 30 minutes to complete with a warm up and cool down) and helpful for mountain kids and flat landers alike πŸ˜‰

Now on to my plan for this upcoming week…

Thursday: Yoga @ Sangha + 30 minutes of cardio.

Friday: Fluid Yoga @ Sangha + Spin Class @ Cyclepath.

Saturday: Vinyasa Yoga @ Sangha.

Sunday: Snowboarding πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Monday: Rest Day aka “I went snowboarding yesterday” recovery.

Tuesday: Fluid Yoga @ Sangha.

Wednesday: Either Flow Yoga @ Sangha OR 30 minutes of cardio + core work.

Β Week one (ish) of the year in the books, on to the next one!

Do you plan out your workouts like appointments? I have to or they will never get done.

Any snowboarders/skiers out there have any fun off snow exercises?

5 Days Later… New Year’s Resolutions

Well hello there strangers!

This post is coming at you from the glorious comfort of my home Sunday evening… as in pre-writing a post instead of scrambling around Monday morning during my break at work per usual. I am delighted to share some 2015 goals with you lovely folks on this fine Monday morning πŸ˜‰

Just for Me

Make a budget and actually stick to it. I’m one of the least budget oriented humans on the planet. On occasion I knock budget making out of the park but then it’s like “OOO look at all of this money I saved… must spend it now.” Approaching my 25th year of life I’ve decided it’s time to get serious about a realistic plan for my mostly hard earned cash. I’ve been researching apps and various articles/websites about keeping tabs on finances and hopefully I succeed in saving.

Volunteer. I’ve been a part of lots of groups in my life. All of those sports teams, clubs and social organizations offer so much but one thing I seemed to overlook was the fact that almost all involve volunteering. Now that I’m not part of as many groups I really haven’t done much by way of volunteering (unless you count the wine festival) in awhile know but I really believe Burlington is such cool place to live and it’s time to start giving back to the community.

Meal Plan. Actually cook the meals I plan. Truth be told I’m actually fantastic at meal planning. Organizing recipes and seeing how to use ingredients in multiple meals is so fun for me. Then there is that whole following through on actually making the meals that I seem to stink at. I get distracted with work or social events that constantly seem to pop up and then dinner becomes either out or cabinet specials. So far in the new year I have cooked 4 super simple but delicious meals and I’m so excited to keep that going. 100A6FDE-06A2-4126-838F-CE773098240BIt may not be pretty but man oh man was it delicious.

Health & Fitness

Prioritize it! I used to put fitness at the top of my daily to do list. No matter what it was I made sure to get even the smallest work out in. While 2014 was better in terms of regaining that passion for health and activity, there is still so much room for improvement!Β  I mean I have the least expensive yoga membership ever & a gym in my office building… there should be no reason I can’t get in workouts.

Run 5 Races. Last year I ran a 10K and a Half Marathon and quite honestly I could have put in a lot more work than I did. I love training schedules and working the mileage into my daily routine. I think 5 races is an attainable goal and how could I not get excited about more race bibs??

Lake Placid Half MarathonI did it for the bib.

Strength Train. I don’t use weights… weights and I are not friends. We could be but I basically wrote them off the first time I met them. 2015 is the year I push myself to use them. Maybe even go to a cross fit class or two that my friend has been begging me to take with her for a year now πŸ˜‰

Blog Life

Be more consistent.Β I’ve basically failed at maintaining any sort of consistent posting schedule. I may not need it to be all five days a week but if I could get to at least 3 a week I’d be over the moon. I also want to make sure they are as quality as they possibly can be. Writing posts the night before if possible and being able to tweak them instead of rush is a priority.

A Face Lift. I will soon be taking a web design class with the hopes of not only graduating (it’s required) but also learning more about how to do things with this fancy schmancy blog I’ve got. I’d love to get some better photos on here and clean up the joint in general. There are so many amazing resources out there that I absolutely need to take advantage of.

Be more health & fitness oriented. In addition to prioritizing fitness in my life I’d also like to share that on this blog more often.Β  I’m obsessed with following your weekly workouts and it’s so fun to see how the training process is going for everyone. I’ve mentioned random classes I’ve taken and fitness goals I’ve been working towards (getting a yoga membership was a big step) but I’m looking forward to sharing even more.

PlannersThe only thing better than one planner is two planners. One for daily life and one for fitness, meals and blog stuff.

Cheers to keeping me accountable in the New Year πŸ™‚

Do you have any fun resolutions or goals for this year?

Can you believe it’s already the first Monday of the year???