Fun Facts Friday

Hola friendly people!

Let’s get down to business shall we??

1. Being stranded while holiday traveling makes for a great story.

Long Trail in Springfield, VTWe set out for CT on Wednesday afternoon and made it to Springfield, VT before a series of unfortunate events (seeing 6.5 cars off the road, finally getting stuck ourselves and then miraculously getting pulled out by a cop) forced us to grab a room at the Holiday Inn Express. Fortunately for us they had one last room, unfortunately for us it had one king bed but a massive jacuzzi tub for us three adults to fight over. Quite honestly it could have had only a sleeper sofa and we would have been happy to just be off the roads. We made the best of it with copious amounts of Long Trail Ale and gaming… because that’s what adults do 😉

2. I had a glorious Thanksgiving weekend once we actually got to Connecticut 🙂

Zach and I Thanksgiving

PictionaryWe ate food, we drank wine, we had a killer game of Pictionary (after Bob moved off the board) that the boys definitely should have lost and we ate more food. We also played a ton of Heads Up! (a game EVERYONE needs to download now if you haven’t already). I managed to get a bunch of Christmas shopping done plus brand new coat from Lord & Taylor for only $63.00!! We also had an incredible Italian meal at Biagio Osteria which unfortunately for you guys all of the photos taken were too blurry to be put up.

It’s always tough to be so far away from my family over the holidays but I’m so fortunate to have Zach’s family welcome me into theirs 🙂

3. I am almost done with all of my Christmas shopping!

For Christmas everyone is getting my opinion

I have a terrible history of being an extreme last minute gift buyer (and broke) so this year I decided to start early and start online. I’ve never been much of an online shopper but armed with a very detailed list for each person, my paypal account and a junk email address I set out before Thanksgiving to get the party started. I still have a few people on the list but the major items have all been purchased and I can’t wait to see their faces 🙂

4. I have an unhealthy obsession with the Romanovs.

My NightstandI’m currently re-reading The Last Days of the Romanovs by Helen Rappaport in preparation for her new book about the Romanov sisters. There is just something about this incredibly sad time, the strength of a family and all of the pieces of the puzzle that got them where they ended up that I find fascinating. My collection of Romanov and Tsar related books is a little out of hand but I love it.

5. I signed up for a monthly yoga membership at Sangha Studio!!!

Sangha Studio

I consider it a Christmas present to myself! So far I’ve been to two classes this week and I’m planning on making the third tomorrow afternoon. The class times are flexible enough to fit perfectly into my crazy schedule and so far the two instructors I’ve taken a class with have been so sweet and helpful. I know I’ve been saying for awhile now how much I’d like to practice more regularly and I’m so happy I finally got a membership. Much more to come on this place 🙂

I also began PT this week and I’m sincerely hoping that both PT & yoga combined will help me go from an 87 year old’s lower back issues to a 25 year old’s!

Happy Weekending Everyone!

How is your Christmas shopping coming?

Have you played Heads Up!???


One thought on “Fun Facts Friday

  1. I LOVE Heads Up! We played at a company picnic this summer and it was hilarious. Glad you made it safe and sound to CT–the weather on Wednesday night was awful! We actually made it from Burlington to Quechee, but it took us twice as long as it normally does.

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