Heyyyy youuu guyyysss!!!

(Shameless Goonies reference, you know you love it!)

Friday I decided that the only thing worth doing was drinking a glass of wine, catching up on Madam Secretary (i.e. starting from the beginning and watching all 9 episodes) and working on some Christmas crafts!

Jewelry BoxI still have another few coats of paint to do to make the lines cleaner but I bought a bunch of different sized jewelry boxes and plan on semi-coordinating the colors/patterns to make a little set.  I’m also working on a pretty cool watercolor print but I’ve got a lot of practicing to do before I’ll show that one!

  I woke up far too early on Saturday to help my friend Sarah with her Stella & Dot table at a craft fair about an hour away. In addition to selling some jewelry we also managed to eat copious amounts of chili (I will never say no to homemade chili) and scope out some awesome homemade gifts from local crafters for the upcoming holidays! I can’t wait to show you guys the stockings we bought! 🙂

After the show we took our talents to Lost Nation Brewing where we went from expert jewelry sellers to expert beer & cheese consumers.

Sarah @ Lost Nation BrewingThe lovely Sarah modeling her flight so well…

Lost Nation BrewingWhy get one when you can have six for $5?

Lost Nation BrewingI loved the Rustic Ale but the Petit Ardennes came in at a close second. The food was unreal though! We ordered the Rustic Chicken Liver Pate & the Vermont Cheese of the Day which I am now blanking on the name of but it was so creamy and delicious. The bread stole the show though, we even asked for more… whoops!

When a dessert was made accidentally by the kitchen our waiter so thoughtfully nominated us to assist with it’s disposal. We weren’t even offended- that thing was incredible. A warm cider donut, melted cheese, apple slices & homemade whipped butter topping. It was the happiest accident that ever did occur.

I returned home just in time to watch the Tennessee game…


That’s all I have to say on that subject.

On Sunday Zach & I had big plans of doing absolutely nothing until a double date at The Farmhouse at 7. When we got to the restaurant the other couple wasn’t there yet so Zach called to see when they would be arriving… I looked at the door and boom there was my dad walking in!

My dad is the king of surprise visits, my entire college career both in CO & TN he surprised me more times than I can count which I am so grateful for! Apparently he worked this one out with Zach a few days ago and I fell hook, line, and sinker for the “double date” trick.

Pops & I Church StreetWe have the same nose, it’s okay to be jealous 😉

It was a great weekend at home, I’m pretty sure I was in sweatpants more than I was out of them which is what I consider success!

How was your weekend?

Try any new beers lately?


4 thoughts on “Weekending!

    • Right?! It was so awesome, the food though- to sell pints of beer out of a brewery in VT (maybe other places I just don’t know) you have to sell food so some do hot dogs and simple stuff like that but this place killed it on their menu!!! I was impressed 🙂

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