Recapping: September Ipsy Glam Bag

Hello there, my name is Kari and I used to blog here but then I…

Scheduled 4 trips in 4 weekends…

Started intensive training for a new job in my company…

Can barely find time to eat let alone blog.

Excuses aside, here I am and you have no idea how excited I am to be catching up with you guys 🙂

Back in July (maybe?) I read about Ipsy and felt like I needed to give it a whirl. In the most basic description ever: pay $10 to get samples of beauty products mailed to you. You are then  able to watch the stylists use said products to get some tricks and tips for yourself. After that you kindly review your thoughts and maybe even purchase your favorite items that Ipsy has so graciously worked out discounts for. You also rack up Ipsy points by sharing on social media and writing reviews… when I figure out exactly what those do, I’ll let you know!

September Ipsy Glam Bag First off I loved the little bag, I can totally use that for travel purposes!

1. Briogeo’s Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep conditioning mask

Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair!I absolutely loved this product! It smelled great and the results were even better. A couple days after I used the mask I was shocked that my hair still felt so clean. I don’t know if I’ve noticed any long term improvements yet but the fact that I can get an extra day out of washing it has me over the moon. Disclaimer: this was the first time using a conditioning mask on my hair so I’ll be sure to let you know how it stacks up over others in the future!

2. Nourish Organic’s Mosturizing Organic Face Cleanser

Nourish Organic's Moisturizing Organic Face CleanserI was sort of disappointed with this cleanser, assuming that I keep using it and see results I could change my mind but so far it seems fairly run of the mill. I was really hoping the cucumber smell was going to pull through but sadly it didn’t. Womp, womp on this one guys.

3.Pacifica’s 7 Free Nail Polish

Pacifica's 7 Free Nail PolishMy favorite thing in the bag was this nail polish, no joke peeps.  I am normally a bright red nail chick so I was a bit thrown off by this color but when I put it on (and drank that glass of wine thus getting polish on my skin like a rookie) I was actually really impressed. I put two coats on and it lasted without chipping for 4 days without any base or top coat… I consider that a big old win!

4. Be a Bombshell’s Smooth Criminal Powder

Be a Bombshell's Smooth Criminal PowderUpon googling this product (hello, I have no idea what it was supposed to do) I realized I could swipe it on my face post makeup to set and keep it fresh for longer. I used this a few times most noticeably before a wedding that I went to this weekend and definitely liked that my face didn’t get as oily as it’s prone to over long days. I also read on multiple reviews that it was supposed to make your pores look smaller but that didn’t happen for me.

5. Maybelline’s Master Glaze Blush Stick in “Make a Mauve”

Maybelline's Master Glaze Blush StickThis was the product I would absolutely 100% never pick up in a store on my own especially in this color. I tend to avoid blush anyway because I think my cheeks are rosy enough BUT I tried it out and was more than pleasantly surprised. First off it was noticeable but not too overpowering but more importantly it lasted all day no problem. Bonus, it’s a great simple lipstick color too! I’ll have to take a picture soon to show you what I mean!

This being my first time using Ipsy I thought of a few pros and cons for the service…


Most of the products boasted being organic, eco and vegan friendly which is always a cause I can get behind.

I really enjoyed the packaging and some of the products will last me more than a few uses which is great.

It was fun receiving items that I wouldn’t necessarily pick out for myself. That blush would have never made it into the makeup bag before Ipsy but I’m so glad that it did!

The prices for the individual items were reasonable and something I could definitely work into my budget… i.e. give me all the nail polishes please!


Ipsy put me on a wait list when I first signed up, it wasn’t a big deal but just be aware.

I was only really bummed with the cleanser, it just didn’t do anything for me.

I feel like a little product description card to go in the bags with the items would go a long way.  Correct me if I’m wrong because it’s been a few years since I got one but I don’t believe even Birchbox does this? I just know I would find it super helpful in addition to the videos and reviews online of course.


 I really enjoyed getting this glam bag, I am definitely looking forward to my next one! I’ve spent $10 on much less enjoyable things, that’s for sure 😉

Have you ever received an Ipsy or a Birchbox type service?

Do you ever tried any of these products?


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