Fun Facts Friday

Late afternoon Friday post, but still this makes three this week so HOLLA!

1. Everyone must go see Guardians of the Galaxy.

Guardians of the GalaxyNerds and non-nerds alike, it is totally worth it. The cast is straight up hilarious and I’ve been quoting it for the last two days! As you can tell I would highly recommend it. I might not recommend eating the entire box of sour patch kids during said movie but hey, live and learn right?

2. I may get most of the recipes I use from online but I almost always write them down first. Recipe I just like having actual written down recipes, weird? Maybe. I then stage a ridiculous photo of this act because #imablogger

3. A new beer and my go to week night recipe is a win!

Fiddlehead and DinnerFiddlehead (i.e. one of my favorite breweries around here) just put out a new double IPA and it is the! They release it a few places around town but once it’s gone it’s gone so I was super excited when a friend of mine picked up a case at the brewery and gave us a few. The recipe I wrote out above is from Damn Delicious and as I mentioned before it is my go to! It is so easy to make and produces some awesome leftovers, score.

4. Chessters are ice cream sandwiches sent from straight from heaven.

ChesstersI could never keep them in the house because I would eat them all in one sitting but when I am surprised with one I could not be happier! They are just so creamy and delicious… gahhh I want another one…

5. Those goofy looking cuffed sweat pants that everyone has been wearing lately are literally the most comfortable things on the planet.

SweatpantsI’m never ever taking them off! I went in to TJ Maxx to casually hunt around and I walked out with these puppies from HEAD, it was basically the best decision I’ve ever made.  I have previously only seen the brand in snowboard gear but damn do they make a mean sweatpant.

Also this picture is home Kari in a nutshell…

My favorite childhood mug where there once was hot chocolate there is now coffee but safe to say it’s gotten me through many a mornings.

The most amazing moccasins from UGG that if you don’t have you need to get.

The best flannel ever obviously from Vermont Flannel Company (we do beer, ice cream and flannel VERY well).

So there are my fun facts this Friday, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


Have you seen any good movies lately?

Do you like to write out recipes?

What is your go to comfy outfit at home?


10 thoughts on “Fun Facts Friday

    • Can’t go wrong with leggings and a sweater, I just found a super comfy one at TJ Maxx that I’m madly in love with but I’m afraid it washes me out a bit too much so I’m not sure it’ll make the cut… Irish people problems!

  1. Actually kinda loved Guardians as well. Super jealous of the sweatpants – haven’t found my “ride or die” pair yet ha – but if you haven’t seen it yet RUN to Boyhood. It’s such a great indie film (that sounds obnoxious of me – but I promise its great 🙂

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