Sayings and Phrases

The other day Zach and I were talking about how I tend to have “sayings” so to speak.  I didn’t realize until recently that I really do use the exact same entirely cheesy phrases every time I have conversations with people. Not sure that you’ll even care but I thought I’d share some typical dorky responses I rock during conversations…

1) When a waitress asks me “would you like [blank ingredient] with that?” If I do not want it I will always respond “you can keep it!”

2) When I find something particularly annoying I’ll say it is “complete bologna” and I actually pronounce the g which leaves MANY people to question whether I know the g is supposed to be silent… I do but c’mon it sounds way more fun pronounced!

3) When someone asks me why I went to the University of Tennessee I will respond with a very simple “I bleed orange and leave it at that.

Oh that's right! #GBO #VFL #GoVols

4) When someone does something cute or loveable I will say, “I shall keep you.” This has happened so many times that Zach actually once said “I know, I know, you shall keep me.”

5) If I’m too hot I will say “dogs die in these conditions.”

6) If something has gone wrong I will say “this is what communism feels like.” It works even when it doesn’t, I promise!

7) When someone from Vermont pronounces the name of my hometown wrong (which happens every single time it is pronounced) I instantly get on top of my soap box to let them know “there’s a T in it!”

8) When someone is having a hard time and needs some advice I will give them appropriate advice and then I will almost always tell them “Goonies never say die.”

Goonies Never Say Die!

9) If I’m watching hockey I cannot and I mean literally cannot stop myself from referencing at least 3 quotes from the Mighty Ducks movies… my favorite being “make him make the first move Conway!”

"I will NOT quack at the principal." The Mighty Ducks

10) When I realize I’ve done something particularly silly (see all of the above) I will be the first one to tell you that “I am not a cool person.”

I had fun just writing this post out but I do hope you enjoyed my randomness as well 🙂

Do you have any of your own phrases?

What is your favorite movie? That might seem like a random question but I just gave you two quotes from my absolute favorite movies!


4 thoughts on “Sayings and Phrases

  1. Ha! I love this! I have a lot of go-to phrases. I say “If I’m being honest” at the beginning of a lot of sentences. I guess if I don’t preface my sentence with that you can assume I’m lying?! Idk! Oh and I say something similar to you – if I see something I don’t like I always say “You know who likes that? Communists.” lol

  2. Haha these are so funny! I know I say a lot of weird things that amuse my friends. Instead of saying a curse word or even crap when something bad happens I say “crapper snappers”. I have no idea where that came from. I also say “ruh-roh” like Scooby-doo and if someone says something that I think is crazy I say “are you for serious?!”

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