So Much Room for Activities

I did not go out of town this last weekend, the one weekend of September I will not be out of town and what did I do? I drank beer, I did various activities, and I totally watched football.

Friday afternoon I met up with this ballin’ lady for a couple post-work drinks and boy were they needed.  We actually hit up a few places that afternoon but on any given Friday you can find me at Manhattan’s for a $5 Heady Topper.

Disclaimer: I am not one of those “oh my god Heady Topper is the best thing since sliced bread” beer snobs but I am also not one of those “eh it’s so passe” hipsters either (no offense if you are either) but I do enjoy it and I do enjoy it when it only costs $5. End rant.

Maria  We had a lovely time catching up and while we were eating ice cream later that evening on Church St we witnessed what I can only describe as the world’s most polite young people rave I have ever seen.  At one point this one kid (wearing a hoodie with bear ears attached and a raccoon’s tail hanging off of the back of his pants) casually danced (read: straight up RAVED) over by us only to pick up the trash that was on the ground and throw it in the garbage can… only in Vermont!

Saturday Tennessee won their second game and while I did not watch you can bet I was listening to it on the radio! Next week will be a tough one when we take on Oklahoma away… I’ll just be casually hyperventilating over here until then.

Sunday I went for a couple miles around the lake and it was gorgeous, my shins have been bothering me quite a bit lately but I’m really glad I got out there and ran. I am in desperate need of new running shoes, if only they were in the budget right now!

 photo A8C8AFBF-CA78-4A2C-8EA9-85B26BF9CF04.jpg

  We tried out a new bar to watch the Jets game and while they don’t have a kitchen they do order free pizza for all patrons on Sunday’s during football… That my friends, is an epic business plan! Also, the Jets won! Woot! Woot!

After some footballness Zach and I hopped onto our bikes and headed over to the docks at the Community Sailing Center for our company party… perks of working both jobs, both company parties.

Company PartyThey had a bunch of stand up paddle boards you could take out, multiple 30 minute sailing trips and of course, it was nautical themed. If you ever want to go to a good company party you hit up people who work in hospitality. Facts of life!

Company PartyI  mean seriously they killed it on the decorations!

Jason Corn HoleDon’t mind me Mr. Cowboy, just trying to take a picture of some end of the dock corn hole…

Tori and ZachMore corn hole pictures… I felt like I was at a tailgate again

Yesterday after work we went over to park and played flag football for like 2 hours. It was SO much fun! I learned that I’m fairly terrible at flag football but I’m excellent in the pass rush position, “Just be obnoxious and distract the QB” they said.  Obnoxious and distracting, two things I’m particularly great at!

At one point I thought oh I’ll just work out after flag football because I was afraid I wouldn’t get enough physical activity. LOL I just about died on the field from exhaustion! I think I’ll keep it as a work out 😉

What is your favorite football watching food? Mine would have to be nachos.

Have you ever been to a party on a dock? At first I thought I might throw up from the unsteadiness…

Have you ever played flag football? Let’s just say 5th grade gym class Kari wasn’t much of a “joiner”


9 thoughts on “So Much Room for Activities

  1. I have never heard of Heady Topper before but it sounds wonderful! Is it a Burlington thing?
    Your weekend looks like it was an absolute blast. A party on the dock sounds like the best party ever. And ohhh cornhole, this makes me miss tailgates too. I bet the ones in Tennesee were crazy!

    • It is a Waterbury (next to Ben & Jerry’s factory) thing but it’s got all sorts of people buzzing about it and they sell out fairly quickly around here. Definitely try it when you get to Burlington! Tennessee did tailgating well, the football itself ehhhh 😉

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