Recapping: September Ipsy Glam Bag

Hello there, my name is Kari and I used to blog here but then I…

Scheduled 4 trips in 4 weekends…

Started intensive training for a new job in my company…

Can barely find time to eat let alone blog.

Excuses aside, here I am and you have no idea how excited I am to be catching up with you guys 🙂

Back in July (maybe?) I read about Ipsy and felt like I needed to give it a whirl. In the most basic description ever: pay $10 to get samples of beauty products mailed to you. You are then  able to watch the stylists use said products to get some tricks and tips for yourself. After that you kindly review your thoughts and maybe even purchase your favorite items that Ipsy has so graciously worked out discounts for. You also rack up Ipsy points by sharing on social media and writing reviews… when I figure out exactly what those do, I’ll let you know!

September Ipsy Glam Bag First off I loved the little bag, I can totally use that for travel purposes!

1. Briogeo’s Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep conditioning mask

Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair!I absolutely loved this product! It smelled great and the results were even better. A couple days after I used the mask I was shocked that my hair still felt so clean. I don’t know if I’ve noticed any long term improvements yet but the fact that I can get an extra day out of washing it has me over the moon. Disclaimer: this was the first time using a conditioning mask on my hair so I’ll be sure to let you know how it stacks up over others in the future!

2. Nourish Organic’s Mosturizing Organic Face Cleanser

Nourish Organic's Moisturizing Organic Face CleanserI was sort of disappointed with this cleanser, assuming that I keep using it and see results I could change my mind but so far it seems fairly run of the mill. I was really hoping the cucumber smell was going to pull through but sadly it didn’t. Womp, womp on this one guys.

3.Pacifica’s 7 Free Nail Polish

Pacifica's 7 Free Nail PolishMy favorite thing in the bag was this nail polish, no joke peeps.  I am normally a bright red nail chick so I was a bit thrown off by this color but when I put it on (and drank that glass of wine thus getting polish on my skin like a rookie) I was actually really impressed. I put two coats on and it lasted without chipping for 4 days without any base or top coat… I consider that a big old win!

4. Be a Bombshell’s Smooth Criminal Powder

Be a Bombshell's Smooth Criminal PowderUpon googling this product (hello, I have no idea what it was supposed to do) I realized I could swipe it on my face post makeup to set and keep it fresh for longer. I used this a few times most noticeably before a wedding that I went to this weekend and definitely liked that my face didn’t get as oily as it’s prone to over long days. I also read on multiple reviews that it was supposed to make your pores look smaller but that didn’t happen for me.

5. Maybelline’s Master Glaze Blush Stick in “Make a Mauve”

Maybelline's Master Glaze Blush StickThis was the product I would absolutely 100% never pick up in a store on my own especially in this color. I tend to avoid blush anyway because I think my cheeks are rosy enough BUT I tried it out and was more than pleasantly surprised. First off it was noticeable but not too overpowering but more importantly it lasted all day no problem. Bonus, it’s a great simple lipstick color too! I’ll have to take a picture soon to show you what I mean!

This being my first time using Ipsy I thought of a few pros and cons for the service…


Most of the products boasted being organic, eco and vegan friendly which is always a cause I can get behind.

I really enjoyed the packaging and some of the products will last me more than a few uses which is great.

It was fun receiving items that I wouldn’t necessarily pick out for myself. That blush would have never made it into the makeup bag before Ipsy but I’m so glad that it did!

The prices for the individual items were reasonable and something I could definitely work into my budget… i.e. give me all the nail polishes please!


Ipsy put me on a wait list when I first signed up, it wasn’t a big deal but just be aware.

I was only really bummed with the cleanser, it just didn’t do anything for me.

I feel like a little product description card to go in the bags with the items would go a long way.  Correct me if I’m wrong because it’s been a few years since I got one but I don’t believe even Birchbox does this? I just know I would find it super helpful in addition to the videos and reviews online of course.


 I really enjoyed getting this glam bag, I am definitely looking forward to my next one! I’ve spent $10 on much less enjoyable things, that’s for sure 😉

Have you ever received an Ipsy or a Birchbox type service?

Do you ever tried any of these products?


Awards Season

I know it’s not actually awards season anymore BUT I was recently nominated for another Liebster Award (you can read the first one here) and it reminded me that I was also nominated for a Very Inspiring Blogger award forever ago so I thought I’d participate today!

First off thank you to Tried and Glue for the Liebster nom! If you haven’t checked her out please do so, she is incredibly relatable and has grown a tomato… I can’t grow a thing so I’m impressed. She is even taking a Japanese class which I literally think is the coolest thing ever!

Big thank you to Sam at The Running Graduate for the Very Inspiring Blogger nomination! Sam is in grad school just across the lake from me in NY and it has been so fun getting to (internet) know her! She’s passionate about running and enjoys a good beer and ice cream… you all know how I feel about beer and ice cream.

So here are the “rules”

  • Thank and link to the person who nominated you. Woot! Woot! Thanks Sam 🙂
  • List the rules and display the award.


  • Share seven facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
  • Optional: display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

My Seven Facts

1. I was 100% a tom boy growing up.  Tomboy

2. I’ve known my three best friends for more than 15 years, we could not be any more opposite if we tried but somehow it works 🙂

MeredithMeredith is my boss friend, she is a currently a Second Lieutenant (soon to be 1lt) in the Army and is stationed all the way in El Paso, TX!

HeatherHeather is my nerd friend, she’s currently in New Orleans working on her master’s degree in Architecture & Historical Preservation at Tulane.

MariaMaria is my hippie friend, she just graduated from Elon and wants to go into the Peace Corps.

Four of us

3. I want to become a mascot someday, I once got a small taste for it in high school during a Blood Drive…


4. My spirit cheese would have to be a sharp cheddar.

5. I’ve skied/snowboarded 20 different mountains across the country and into Canada. I plan on making this number MUCH higher in the coming years!


6. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the fiddle however I could not be less musically inclined if I tried.

7. I have an entirely irrational fear of ferris wheels. I love roller coasters and thrill rides but something about a ferris wheel makes me so freaked out.


Nominations are tough because I feel like so many people I follow have already participated but I’ll throw a few out there and if you’ve already participated, my bad!

Tried and Glue

Andrea Out Loud!

Julie Goes Healthy

The Keen Peach

Baking In Yoga Pants

Thanks for the nominations guys, it was a blast!

Feel free to share a fun fact or two below 🙂

Studio 208: Pilates Class

Hey there people! I’m writing this post while eating a small box of junior mints, a box of junior mints I just earned finishing a brand spankin’ new (to me) fitness class over at Studio 208. For those of you who have followed along since the beginning (I’m looking at you Mom and Dad) you know that I took my very first barre class over at Studio 208 and it rocked my socks. I still get the feels over how much I enjoyed that class…

Studio 208So after a few weeks of writing their Pilates Plus class on my schedule I finally made it over there for today’s class and I am so glad that I did.

Pilates is one of those exercises that I absolutely love the way that it feels and how challenging it is but in all honestly I probably haven’t legitimately practiced in years.  One Christmas during high school I got a Windsor Pilates DVD and I did it so much that to this day I could do it from memory.  Let’s be real though, a teacher in person is far better for assisting my shaky form than a recording!

Having not done much by way of mat work in so long I was feeling pretty nervous that I would feel super out of place but thankfully that wasn’t the case.  Sure, I was incredibly inflexible when it came time to keep the legs up. Sure, I wanted to remove my shaking arms from my body when we were using 2lb hand weights. Sure, I was again sticking my tongue out to “focus” during the core work. But then there were those awesome times where my breathing was in check, my form solid (ish) and I was rocking a legit smile on my face.

The instructor was great, she had this bubbly personality and seemed to know everyone in there… regulars = sign of a good instructor. The class flowed in typical Pilates fashion not focusing on one thing for too long but making sure to work each body part out well.  When I got off the mat at the end of the class my legs felt like jelly and even only an hour out my arms are sore just typing this- it feels awesome!

I would highly recommend the classes at Studio 208. The next one I really want to try is Barre-lates so I can combine my rekindled love of Pilates with my new found love of Barre. Wins all around!

In general I really want to continue Pilates because a strong core of course helps with running  but it is also crucial for the upcoming snowboard season which I could not be more excited for!  Some people work out for beach season, I work out for snow season 🙂

Do you enjoy Pilates?

Have you taken a new fitness class lately?

Do you do any winter sports?

Fun Facts Friday

Late afternoon Friday post, but still this makes three this week so HOLLA!

1. Everyone must go see Guardians of the Galaxy.

Guardians of the GalaxyNerds and non-nerds alike, it is totally worth it. The cast is straight up hilarious and I’ve been quoting it for the last two days! As you can tell I would highly recommend it. I might not recommend eating the entire box of sour patch kids during said movie but hey, live and learn right?

2. I may get most of the recipes I use from online but I almost always write them down first. Recipe I just like having actual written down recipes, weird? Maybe. I then stage a ridiculous photo of this act because #imablogger

3. A new beer and my go to week night recipe is a win!

Fiddlehead and DinnerFiddlehead (i.e. one of my favorite breweries around here) just put out a new double IPA and it is the! They release it a few places around town but once it’s gone it’s gone so I was super excited when a friend of mine picked up a case at the brewery and gave us a few. The recipe I wrote out above is from Damn Delicious and as I mentioned before it is my go to! It is so easy to make and produces some awesome leftovers, score.

4. Chessters are ice cream sandwiches sent from straight from heaven.

ChesstersI could never keep them in the house because I would eat them all in one sitting but when I am surprised with one I could not be happier! They are just so creamy and delicious… gahhh I want another one…

5. Those goofy looking cuffed sweat pants that everyone has been wearing lately are literally the most comfortable things on the planet.

SweatpantsI’m never ever taking them off! I went in to TJ Maxx to casually hunt around and I walked out with these puppies from HEAD, it was basically the best decision I’ve ever made.  I have previously only seen the brand in snowboard gear but damn do they make a mean sweatpant.

Also this picture is home Kari in a nutshell…

My favorite childhood mug where there once was hot chocolate there is now coffee but safe to say it’s gotten me through many a mornings.

The most amazing moccasins from UGG that if you don’t have you need to get.

The best flannel ever obviously from Vermont Flannel Company (we do beer, ice cream and flannel VERY well).

So there are my fun facts this Friday, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


Have you seen any good movies lately?

Do you like to write out recipes?

What is your go to comfy outfit at home?

Sayings and Phrases

The other day Zach and I were talking about how I tend to have “sayings” so to speak.  I didn’t realize until recently that I really do use the exact same entirely cheesy phrases every time I have conversations with people. Not sure that you’ll even care but I thought I’d share some typical dorky responses I rock during conversations…

1) When a waitress asks me “would you like [blank ingredient] with that?” If I do not want it I will always respond “you can keep it!”

2) When I find something particularly annoying I’ll say it is “complete bologna” and I actually pronounce the g which leaves MANY people to question whether I know the g is supposed to be silent… I do but c’mon it sounds way more fun pronounced!

3) When someone asks me why I went to the University of Tennessee I will respond with a very simple “I bleed orange and leave it at that.

Oh that's right! #GBO #VFL #GoVols

4) When someone does something cute or loveable I will say, “I shall keep you.” This has happened so many times that Zach actually once said “I know, I know, you shall keep me.”

5) If I’m too hot I will say “dogs die in these conditions.”

6) If something has gone wrong I will say “this is what communism feels like.” It works even when it doesn’t, I promise!

7) When someone from Vermont pronounces the name of my hometown wrong (which happens every single time it is pronounced) I instantly get on top of my soap box to let them know “there’s a T in it!”

8) When someone is having a hard time and needs some advice I will give them appropriate advice and then I will almost always tell them “Goonies never say die.”

Goonies Never Say Die!

9) If I’m watching hockey I cannot and I mean literally cannot stop myself from referencing at least 3 quotes from the Mighty Ducks movies… my favorite being “make him make the first move Conway!”

"I will NOT quack at the principal." The Mighty Ducks

10) When I realize I’ve done something particularly silly (see all of the above) I will be the first one to tell you that “I am not a cool person.”

I had fun just writing this post out but I do hope you enjoyed my randomness as well 🙂

Do you have any of your own phrases?

What is your favorite movie? That might seem like a random question but I just gave you two quotes from my absolute favorite movies!

So Much Room for Activities

I did not go out of town this last weekend, the one weekend of September I will not be out of town and what did I do? I drank beer, I did various activities, and I totally watched football.

Friday afternoon I met up with this ballin’ lady for a couple post-work drinks and boy were they needed.  We actually hit up a few places that afternoon but on any given Friday you can find me at Manhattan’s for a $5 Heady Topper.

Disclaimer: I am not one of those “oh my god Heady Topper is the best thing since sliced bread” beer snobs but I am also not one of those “eh it’s so passe” hipsters either (no offense if you are either) but I do enjoy it and I do enjoy it when it only costs $5. End rant.

Maria  We had a lovely time catching up and while we were eating ice cream later that evening on Church St we witnessed what I can only describe as the world’s most polite young people rave I have ever seen.  At one point this one kid (wearing a hoodie with bear ears attached and a raccoon’s tail hanging off of the back of his pants) casually danced (read: straight up RAVED) over by us only to pick up the trash that was on the ground and throw it in the garbage can… only in Vermont!

Saturday Tennessee won their second game and while I did not watch you can bet I was listening to it on the radio! Next week will be a tough one when we take on Oklahoma away… I’ll just be casually hyperventilating over here until then.

Sunday I went for a couple miles around the lake and it was gorgeous, my shins have been bothering me quite a bit lately but I’m really glad I got out there and ran. I am in desperate need of new running shoes, if only they were in the budget right now!

 photo A8C8AFBF-CA78-4A2C-8EA9-85B26BF9CF04.jpg

  We tried out a new bar to watch the Jets game and while they don’t have a kitchen they do order free pizza for all patrons on Sunday’s during football… That my friends, is an epic business plan! Also, the Jets won! Woot! Woot!

After some footballness Zach and I hopped onto our bikes and headed over to the docks at the Community Sailing Center for our company party… perks of working both jobs, both company parties.

Company PartyThey had a bunch of stand up paddle boards you could take out, multiple 30 minute sailing trips and of course, it was nautical themed. If you ever want to go to a good company party you hit up people who work in hospitality. Facts of life!

Company PartyI  mean seriously they killed it on the decorations!

Jason Corn HoleDon’t mind me Mr. Cowboy, just trying to take a picture of some end of the dock corn hole…

Tori and ZachMore corn hole pictures… I felt like I was at a tailgate again

Yesterday after work we went over to park and played flag football for like 2 hours. It was SO much fun! I learned that I’m fairly terrible at flag football but I’m excellent in the pass rush position, “Just be obnoxious and distract the QB” they said.  Obnoxious and distracting, two things I’m particularly great at!

At one point I thought oh I’ll just work out after flag football because I was afraid I wouldn’t get enough physical activity. LOL I just about died on the field from exhaustion! I think I’ll keep it as a work out 😉

What is your favorite football watching food? Mine would have to be nachos.

Have you ever been to a party on a dock? At first I thought I might throw up from the unsteadiness…

Have you ever played flag football? Let’s just say 5th grade gym class Kari wasn’t much of a “joiner”

Fun Facts Friday

I shared all the stuff in my personal life yesterday so today I will turn these fun facts into 5 things I really need/want to try…

1. I need to try one of these Mango Green Tea Smoothies from A Spicy Perspective

Mango Smoothie with Green Tea! #smoothie #greentea

Have you guys ever used tea in your smoothies? I don’t think I have but I love mango and I drink Numi Gunpowder Green at work everyday so I’m very intrigued. Definitely on my to do list!

2. I need this print off of Etsy to go up in my house ASAP

Rocky Top Graphic Print - 11" x 17" Digital

It’s the truth people, it’s the truth. Also, can anyone else spend hours at a time on Etsy? The things people come up with are absolutely amazing!

3. I need this Nike pullover for my cooler weather runs

Nike Reflective Element Half-Zip Women's Running Top

Or perhaps a cheaper version? Now that fall is right around the corner I will definitely need to up my game on running gear.  Those 5 year old shorts and over-sized shirt just won’t cut it in Vermont’s fall season.

4. I would like to try a rowing class at Row VT

With that said, I am also terrified of a rowing class as I feel like my arms would fall off after 4 minutes. I don’t know about you but my arms are straight up noodles!  According to the schedule they offer a few different styles of class one of which includes mat work which I feel like I would enjoy. I do love me a challenge so I definitely intend on checking them out!

5. Self-Explanatory

Ain't no telling whats gonna come out next lol

That my friends, is a real fact.

Have you ever taken a rowing class?

Any runners out there with a favorite fall weather clothing item?

Recapping: A Fantastic Wedding Weekend

So I’m recapping my weekend on a Thursday… worst blogger ever award goes to me. I planned to do this Monday night when we got home but then I got distracted with fantasy football drafts, Tuesday would have been good but I was playing board games and Wednesday was an under the weather type of day… so even though it’s practically a new weekend here you go!  As many of you know I attended a wedding in Connecticut this weekend and I could not have asked for a better way to spend the long weekend 🙂

Some highlights…

A Saturday morning spin class at Fairfield’s Zen Ride I’ve been to Zen Ride once before (first class is free) so when I knew I’d be in Fairfield the night before I signed up for an 8:15 am “ZenTensity” class that proved to be well, intense!  If I’m being honest it was a little pricey but I absolutely got bang for my buck.  The instructor Terre was high energy and high reward, just what I needed to kick off a weekend of eating and drinking.

ZenRide Spinning Studio

A Rehearsal day (yes, day) that was amazeballs.  Zach’s hometown friend Jeff and his bride-to-be Kaitlin pulled out all the stops for the rehearsal day and I was so happy to have been included.  From meeting at the venue to hanging out at a the Arrigoni Winery including a wine tasting for the entire bridal party (which I think was a great idea) it was one of those days you hope to repeat again.  The bride had a full on itinerary… you know how much of a planner I am so I was all about this. Kaitlin actually has a blog that I found a little while ago (basically I was like I’m going to your wedding, I should look you up on the Facebook… oh shit is that a blog? Hellsssss yeahhh it is! End scene) anyway it is called For Love Of Carrots that you guys must promise me you will check out!!  She gives great advice for not only athletes but also overall health and well being.  After this weekend I definitely trust her opinion on food plus she posts pictures of their adorable dog, Brady. Win! Jeff and Kaitlin        The happy couple at their Rehearsal.

GroomsmenA handsome bunch of groomsmen.

Zach and ISometimes we clean up well, sometimes.

Arrigoni WineryThe wines were delicious, my favorite was the River Bend. We did damage on a couple of bottles of that!

An upgraded hotel room with a tub fit for a Queen.  There isn’t much to be said about this except WHO DOESN’T LOVE A FREE UPGRADE??? In all my 6 years in the hotel business I’ve never been upgraded… I didn’t think I would be as excited as I was but look at me writing in capital letters about this.

Rehearsal dinner at the best cupcake shop in Connecticut. No seriously, it’s been voted on. I’ve already talked about NoRA Cupcakes in my 4th of July post but seriously they had their rehearsal dinner actually AT NoRA’s.  Talk about a good time! The room was laid back but so fun, they had a belly dancing video on loop next to Finding Nemo because why not? The food was catered from I have no idea where and was delicious but the star of the night was this massive chocolate cupcake that I ate half of and basically wanted it to be my best friend.

NoRA's CupcakesI felt this was the only face appropriate for my feelings towards this cupcake. You are welcome.

A solo trip to Target. The hole that I feel inside not having a Target in Vermont is far too large to put into words. I tend to make sure if I go out of town that I can make a trip to Target and I could easily spend hours in each section. I understand how people can be like “what is so special about Target?” actually no, I don’t understand that thought process because to me that’s like saying “what is so special about a puppy?” and I’m just not having it.  Anyway this particular run was less than fruitful but still it was exactly how I wanted to kill the day pre-wedding time while Zach was off getting his groomsman on.

Spending as much time as I wanted getting ready for the wedding.  The shuttle didn’t leave until about 4:45 which meant I had all the time in the world to get ready (i.e. dance around in my sweatpants for hours) and I took advantage of it!  I mentioned before that I had ordered my dress online from Lily Boutique so I of course had to snap a few pictures before leaving the room. I am quite pleased with how it turned out!

Lily Boutique DressI loved the color!

A bus ride with another fellow blogger Caitlin from Cait Plus Ate! Caitlin was so sweet and remembered me from the engagement party we went to last summer.  I’ve also been reading her blog for a couple of months now and she does an awesome job of sharing advice and giving reviews of fitness classes as well as restaurants & bars around the Boston/CT area.  Bonus: her dad is a Tennessee alum and her little sister is a current student. The minute she said Go Vols I knew we’d hit it off 😉

An absolutely gorgeous wedding that not even the rain storms could ruin. The wedding was held at the Wadsworth Mansion and while it had to be pushed under the tent at the last minute, not even the crazy storm could distract from the beautiful couple and their even more beautiful vows.  I don’t know the couple that well but in just hearing those vows you don’t need even need to know them to understand them. So adorable!

Then of course there was the beverage consumption, the incredible dinner and more ridiculous dance moves than you could possibly hope to see.

Wedding CoupleBlushing bride and some of her groomsmen.

Zach and IThe only photo of Zach and I and it’s blurry/post rain and dancing. Of course. Good thing we have another wedding this month to try again…

As I mentioned before,  it was an awesome way to spend a Labor Day weekend!

Cheers to adding the H 🙂

Have you ever been to an all-day Rehearsal? This was my first but I gotta say it was a cool and different way to get the bridal party together.

Favorite cupcake place?? This is actually important to answer.. because then I can go find it.