This Weekend I…

A Monday post! Thank the heavens I have time for a Monday post.

I’m sure you have seen on various social media outlets people dousing themselves in buckets of ice and calling each other out to either do it or donate to charity.  Well, this Thursday I completed the Ice Bucket Challenge to Strike Out ALS and I’m so glad I did. This is the best article I found to give a little background information but in my humble opinion it really is a fun way to raise awareness.

My lovely little sister accidentally but probably on purpose never turned the video on so I had to dump a bucket of ice on myself twice.

Ice Bucket Challenge I think I look like a hobbit in this picture but I share for you people 😉

I encourage everyone to not only participate in the challenge but also be sure to donate! There are so many important causes out there, every little bit helps!

A few weeks ago a close friend of mine asked if I would play in a charity golf tournament and being the golf-obsessed human that I am, jumped at the opportunity.  The weather was incredible on Friday and the amount of snacks they provided was unbelievable. I mean seriously, they gave us a lunch box filled with snacks before we even hit the links… YESSSSS!  It was held at the Links at Lang Farm which I hadn’t played since high school so I was a little nervous but the tournament was a scramble format and we were very happy with the way our team was playing.  Each one of us came up with some very clutch shots when we needed it and we had a blast!  The longest drive for the ladies was so close I could taste it but unfortunately for me it was our 18th hole and I was feeling it.  Next time, though! It’s mine!

Joe and Jon

Jon swears he was happier than the picture shows…


On a separate but relevant note, how about Rory McIlroy eh????? 3 wins in 3 starts?!? Boss.

Yesterday Zach and I  took advantage of this amazing weekend weather and went for a hike up to Sterling Pond.  This is one of my favorite hikes because it is shorter (only 1.1 miles one way) but it is steep and definitely makes you work for it.  Halfway through we thought we were dead, 3/4 the way through Zach really wished he hadn’t worn his Sperry’s and just shy of the top we asked a gentleman coming back down how close we were and we could have hugged him when he said less than 10 minutes!

Sterling Pond

Not bad for the top of a mountain that I used to be a snowboard instructor at, Smuggler’s Notch represent 😉

Jana's Cupboard

When in Jeffersonville, you get a sandwich at The Cupboard Deli. If I ever created a list of Maxims, that would be one of them.

Sierra Nevada

While Zach fished, I took on the incredibly important task of sunbathing on the big rock/taking photos. I love me some Sierra Nevada Pale Ale so I was intrigued by their Summerfest when I saw it in the stores.  Not necessarily my favorite, I’m sort of picky about summer beers because sometimes I think they taste a bit too artificial but this was definitely a solid summer beer.

The Rock

It took us just under 40 minutes to get up to the pond and we knew the trail would start to get dark soon so naturally I made Zach snap a quick picture and off we went.

 Another successful Vermont summer weekend in the books!

Would you do/have you done the Ice Bucket Challenge?

Do you enjoy golfing?

Would you rather a slow and steady hike or a short and steep one?


2 thoughts on “This Weekend I…

  1. I don’t know that I’ve ever been up to Sterling Pond. My dad used to go fishing up there all the time. I have only been hiking once this summer, and it was both long and steep! We may do Camel’s Hump next week, and I want to do Mt Mansfield before summer is over.

    • I’d definitely recommend it but know that you will be sweating, it is deceiving! I agree I would really would like to do Mansfield soon as well, I was thinking in the early fall before the snow starts.

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