Fun Facts Friday

Ahhh let’s get down to business, shall we?

1. You just can’t beat free concerts with a view. 

Concerts at Bayside Park

On Thursday nights at Bayside Park in Colchester the parks & rec department host free concerts. Yes, please!  We hit it up for a little while last night and had a great time with an awesome view.

2. S’mores are great, but s’mores with Reese’s cups are even better!

Reese's S'mores

Amazeballs for real though. My best friend Meredith got me on to this and I can’t even tell you how good they are. Reese’s cups for the win!

3. A gallery wall is a happy wall.

Gallery wall

I picked up all of these frames at Michael’s the other day and I am so happy with them.  I’ve been wanting to do a gallery wall for our guest room/office space with all of the cool beer and distillery swag we have but I’ve been waiting to find good deals on frames.  I got all of these for $60 (originally $175! What! What!) Ignore our HORRIBLE blue carpet #rentalproblems I can’t wait to get them up on the walls 🙂

4. Drunk History on Comedy Central is incredible!


Holy crap I watched like 5 episodes last night, so freaking funny! If you haven’t seen it you must!!!

5. I NEED this shirt.


I don’t think there is a more relevant shirt in the world for me. It’s a legit problem. Plus the fact that the website is called Thug Life Shirts is a real sell for me, naturally.

Now I must go pack up and get ready for my long weekend in Stowe!

Have an awesome weekend folks 🙂

Have you ever had a Reese’s s’more?

Have you ever seen Drunk History?



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