Sleep Woes

Confession: I am a terrible sleeper.

I am a good sleeper in that I can fall asleep absolutely anywhere and stay asleep come hell or high water but actually getting to sleep after a long day OR waking up from such coma is basically impossible.  I don’t know what it is but I can not for the life of me wake up at a simple alarm and the thought of my body “just waking up” is a foreign concept. I could not know less about sleep cycles but I do know that I am incredibly sick of waking up at 5:30 in the morning 2 hours before my alarm is set to go off.  That, coupled with the fact that I hit the snooze button for an hour each morning isn’t exactly helping me.  I’ve tried all sorts of things to break this habit, music instead of a buzzer… which just worked itself into my dream and did not wake me up, having my phone across the room, and of course the additional alarm clock (that I just unplugged while half asleep).

I would love to be the type who just wakes up and feels ready to go.  Quite honestly I’d settle for the type who just wakes up in general.

Insert Pinterest.

Tired of being tired? This calculator tells you when to go to bed based on your sleep cycles

I saw this pin floating around the other day and decided to click on it. The website is called and you just enter in the time you want to wake up and it gives you times you should fall asleep that allow for you to wake up in between sleep cycles.

I offered to cover a couple extra shifts at job two this week which means back to back 15 hour days and a wacky work schedule to combat my already nonsensical sleep patterns.  Since I basically have nothing to lose I decided to follow (as closely as possible) this sleep calculator this week and so far it seems to be working.  Monday night I managed to fall asleep around 11:05 and felt dare I say refreshed yesterday at my 6:35 wake up time.  Last night I worked until midnight so I waited until the 1:55 am (I know, so late) time to fall asleep and again this morning I felt great.  I was even a half an hour early to work… say whatttt???

This could all be nonsense you guys, I really don’t know.  I mean I could just be more mindful about waking up so it doesn’t really matter what time I’m falling asleep but I don’t even care.  I’ve been trying to trick myself into being a better sleeper for years so even if it’s a straight hoax I’m so happy.

I am also starting to think about bedtime teas. This one from Yogi has been intriguing for a little while now.

Yogi Bedtime® Herbal Tea Caffeine Free Chamomile

This concept seems weird to me as I feel like I drink my tea in the morning (and iced let’s be real) but I’ve heard some people really do well with incorporating them into a nightly routine.

I have really high hopes that some combination of these things will help me fake my way into being a morning person AND maybe even start routinely working out before I go to work for the day.

Any thoughts on sleep cycle calculators?

Any tricks for falling asleep/waking up easier? As you can tell… I’m open to all suggestions 😉

Do you use a bedtime tea?


Updates and Rambles

I’ve done some cool things lately and by cool I mean I did some things lately… here they are,

I’ve worked out in a legitimate gym for the last 4 days straight… in theory today will make 5. HOLLA!  Map My RunSo the above workout I did by walking a minute, running a few, walking another minute, etc for 30 minutes… question though I did it all at a 5% incline on the treadmill and I’m wondering if there is a way to reflect that in the app? Anybody know?

I stopped by two more breweries this weekend bringing the grand total of 11/37 VT breweries.

Four Quarters BrewingSaturday we hit up Four Quarters Brewing in Winooski and while I don’t normally enjoy the style of beer they produce (Belgian to be exact) I definitely think it was worth trying.  They had one called the Janus Future that was crazy! I’ve never had a beer that tasted so much like wine.

InfinitySunday we hung out at Infinity Brewing Company in South Burlington and walked away with a growler of their Red IPA.  I’m not typically a red beer fan but this IPA was great.  I even enjoyed their Saison and that is saying something! P.S. If the guy serving us that day is reading this- are you from St. Albans?? I have a bet going that I can tell where you are from by your accent so if you could get at me that would be great.

I have two more stamps on my Indie Coffee Passport which means I’ve done 4/10 coffee shops on the list. You think I’d be further but I keep forgetting I have it.

PassportToday was Pingala Cafe & Eatery and holy delicious it was. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed an iced coffee that much.  I’m not even exaggerating (which I know I do sometimes) it was amazing! I also got the Vermonter sandwich because I’m a walking stereotype and it was awesome.  You had me at house made Gouda style cashew cheese and apple slices.

PingalaI’ll definitely be back and next time I’ll bring other humans to enjoy it with me 🙂

How was your weekend?

Any thoughts on the Map My Run App question?

Have you tried a new restaurant or bar lately?

Fun Facts Friday

I am still training for that little old half marathon, even though I haven’t done a Training Day post in a couple of weeks. Next week I’ll get an update out, I promise!

On to the fun facts for the week!

1. My Fantasy Football team “Eric’s Berries” is absolutely going to CRUSH this league.

Eric's Berries

As you know I am a college football girl through and through, however I do love me some NFL. Even better? I LOVE my former Volunteers in the NFL. At the bar on Sundays during the season, my friends pepper me with “where did they go to school?”

This year my fantasy football team is named after Kansas City Chief’s 5th overall draft pick in 2010 (and you guessed it, former Tennessee stand out) Eric Berry. This year the “Berries” which I will of course refer to the team as from here on out, are freaking stacked. I mean AP AND Cordarelle Patterson?? Game. Over.

2. If you are looking for seafood in Burlington, you must go to Bleu Northeast Seafood. Bleu   Oh man what a way to spend an anniversary meal. Bleu opened recently and I still had not tried it so off we went. We started off with one of my favorite new drinks (that I of course forgot to take a photo of) the Garden Tonic. “House infused cucumber Vodka, lemon juice, honey simple syrup, celery bitters with cucumber, mint, thyme, and lime , topped off with tonic water.” AMAZING.

The gave us the best seat in the house- we must know people or something 😉 Our meal began sharing the Blue & Greens salad which the kitchen so generously split for us (they must have known we don’t share well) and for main course I got the Cedar Roasted salmon pictured above. I substituted the potato salad for their cheddar mashed potatoes because when given the option I will always choose cheddar mashed potatoes.

BleuZach tried the Steak Frites and loved every bite.  When the plates were served he made it a point to tell me “You can even eat the flowers on top!” Love that guy.  Overall it was a great experience, I am so happy we went!

3. Scavenger hunts are the coolest.

I got home from work on Wednesday to find a scavenger hunt waiting for me through the living room and kitchen. Here were some of my favorite clues…

Iced TeaI love Peyton and I love iced tea. This kid knows me.

Charleston ChewsCharleston Chews and Rory? Keep it coming…

BackI appreciate that he censored himself on this one haha… who says fudging??

4. I FINALLY bought the perfect dresses for the wedding we are attending next weekend in Connecticut.

The couple were gracious enough to invite me along to the rehearsal dinner (out of town girlfriend of a groomsman, you know the drill) which meant I had to find a dress for that as well. Had to is a stretch but still, I wanted to 😉

So yesterday I stopped in to Francesca’s and found this lovely dress for 40% off final sale in addition to 10% off with my student ID. That means $23.00 folks! I think it will be perfect for the rehearsal dinner. I actually saw the dress on La Petite Fashionista’s adorable blog before I walked into the store and I absolutely love what she did to style it! Be sure to check it out!!!

Francesca'sAlso, I was really hoping I would find it online to do the dress justice but instead you will just have to take this dirty mirrored selfie that was only meant to go to the best friend for opinion.

I’ll keep the dress I found for the wedding itself to myself for now but just know, I typically hate shopping online for dresses but Lily Boutique I freaking love you!

5. Tarte BB Tinted Treatment 12-Hour Primer is my new best friend.

Tarte BB Cream via Sephora $35.00

I’ve been in search of a good BB cream for awhile now and I may have met my match. It feels amazing on the skin, blends so well and actually covers amazingly. Plus a little goes a long way which makes the price totally worth it. According to the lovely lady at Sephora, this BB cream plus a little loose powder and you’re good to go!

Happy Weekending Friends!

Do you fantasy football?

What is your go to cocktail?

Do you prefer in store shopping or online?

Cheers to Two Years!

Two years ago today I went on my very first date with the loveliest human on the planet.  We went to a great Thai restaurant just outside of Burlington and then enjoyed a couple movies at the drive-ins also outside of town.  I mention the out of town part because this date was an entirely secret operation. Nobody but us was to know.Anniversary

We met while at work and being the brilliant young professionals we are (ha ha) we wanted to keep it to ourselves for as long as possible.  Unfortunately for us, his roommate at the time Mike, was also a co-worker. We managed quite creatively might I add (read: there was a ladder at one point) for about a month before I accidentally ran into Mike on the sidewalk in front of their apartment. I pretended like I didn’t know that was where they lived… it seemed like a smart play at the time… but I was caught.

To the rest of the co-workers we dodged every “are you dating??” question we possibly could but come Christmas party time (and a few too many complimentary cocktails) the jig was up. We were indeed dating and we haven’t looked back since!

I thought I’d share a few photos from the last two years so enjoy 🙂

SoftballCrushing some company league softball.

UT GameOur first Tennessee football game together!

ThanksgivingOur first Thanksgiving together

Disc GolfFrolfing like bosses.

HalloweenMost attractive yard markers you ever did see 😉

Happy Anniversary Zach, here’s to many more adventures with you!

Fun Facts Friday

“It’s finally Friday I’m free again
I got my motor running for a wild weekend!”

Yes, I did just start this post with some George Jones lyrics… welcome to my life. I’m not cool.

1. Sangha Studio in downtown Burlington is my new favorite yoga studio.

Studio  If you read my last post you know I signed up for my first class in quite some time yesterday and it did not disappoint! In Colorado I had a yoga instructor through the school’s gym that I thought was amazing.  She was so patient but very focused on the words she used and knew exactly how to get you into that yogi mindset.  Yesterday at Sangha Studio’s 12pm Flow Yoga class I felt that exact same connection to the style as well as the instructor.  The music started out very traditionally and then it progressively got more hip-hop focused, a first for me in a yoga class but I absolutely loved it!  I wondered if the other lady that attended the class enjoyed it because it was definitely a different soundtrack than what is expected but at the end even she said it was great!

Sadly the instructor for that day was a fill in and does not normally teach any classes. I was super bummed that I didn’t get her name because I really did enjoy her style of teaching but oh well I’m looking forward to many more classes at Sangha. Bonus each class is only $10 AND on Sundays they do community yoga where each class offered is by donation. Definitely check it out 🙂

2. I could eat a sandwich at every meal and be perfectly happy.

Mirabelle'sAh yes, the beloved Mirabelles’ sandwich. So happy you made it into my stomach yesterday.  I normally reserve a trip to Mirabelles for their amazing chocolate macarons but post yoga class I decided I need something more substantial (in addition to the chocolate macarons of course) and this Avocado and Cheddar sandwich was awesome.

Seriously though, we have a sign in our kitchen that I made that just says “We eat a lot of sandwiches…”

3. 9 mile bike rides with these peeps are tough.

Zach, Dad and IOf course I’m talking… when am I not?

We hopped on to the bike path last night after work to head to my parent’s camp in Mallets Bay and it was a great windy summer evening for it. I wore my vans instead of sneakers because I’m a total rookie and I paid for it. Hello slipping and shin pain.

4. Handwritten notes are the best.

NotesHow cute are these? They were a dollar at Michael’s a few months ago and I love them.  Who doesn’t love getting a handwritten note? I’ve been trying to get better about sending thank you notes and it certainly helps when I’ve got these adorable suckers sitting on my desk.

5. I’m happy it is still summer but I can’t wait for fall boots!

This is the best ever!

Durham Boot $39.95

This is the best ever!

Barnes Boot $69.95

I’m sort of in love with JustFab! So far the two pairs of shoes I’ve purchased from there have received so many compliments and are holding up great for as inexpensive as they are. While I’m sad to see summer coming to a close I’m oddly excited about fall fashion. Time to start shopping now 🙂

Got a good fun fact?
Are you good about writing thank you notes?
What’s your favorite season to dress for?

Namaste & All That Good Stuff

Hello there, friends!

I know how important it is for you to find out that our softball team is going to the Championship game after a hard fought battle against the Hilton last night so I will lead with that.


Anyway on to the real subject of the post…

This past weekend almost 400 yogis took over Burlington’s Church Street for a free event open to any and everyone who had a mat and the desire to practice.

Yoga on Church StreetHow freaking cool does this look??? Photo credit from Sangha Studio’s Facebook page.

While I was unable to attend this event hearing about it got me thinking.  Freshman year of college I decided to take my first yoga class and it taught me what I had always suspected… I am the least flexible human on the planet.  Upon returning weekly it also taught me many other actually helpful things that I use in my everyday life.

Yoga has taught me various breathing techniques which I use not only when running but also to calm myself when I am feeling stressed.

Yoga has taught me tricks for falling asleep faster and more importantly, getting back to sleep once I have woken up. This has been a real problem for me lately, I keep waking up 2 hours before the alarm goes off. When I am having trouble I try to combine breathing patterns with focusing on each body part individually as I slowly (most of the time) drift off.

Yoga has taught me how to stretch out certain problem areas to the point of even reducing some of the problems. Lower back pain be gone!!

Yoga has taught me that pushing outside of my comfort zone (i.e. signing up for the class in the first place) can create some of the best consequences… like my pants fitting better. WIN!

So why don’t I go anymore?

I struggle to do yoga on my own, like many exercises I am much more likely to push myself when I am in a class setting.  I genuinely enjoy the feeling of being in a studio with others practicing together. I also probably make people feel better about their flexibility based on my complete lack there of… I’m a humanitarian what can I say?

That being said, yoga classes tend to be on the expensive side.  Rationalizing the $10-15 a class on my budget has pushed attending classes to the wayside.  I have been thinking about incorporating a class or two into my schedule/budget for awhile now because I know how much I have benefited from consistent practice in the past.

So this week I have skipped the 3-4 trips I normally make to the coffee stop in the office building for iced tea #addictionproblems and tomorrow afternoon I will replace it with my first official yoga class in I don’t even know how long!

Wish me luck 😉

Do you practice yoga?

Do you prefer fitness classes or can you rock it by yourself?

This Weekend I…

A Monday post! Thank the heavens I have time for a Monday post.

I’m sure you have seen on various social media outlets people dousing themselves in buckets of ice and calling each other out to either do it or donate to charity.  Well, this Thursday I completed the Ice Bucket Challenge to Strike Out ALS and I’m so glad I did. This is the best article I found to give a little background information but in my humble opinion it really is a fun way to raise awareness.

My lovely little sister accidentally but probably on purpose never turned the video on so I had to dump a bucket of ice on myself twice.

Ice Bucket Challenge I think I look like a hobbit in this picture but I share for you people 😉

I encourage everyone to not only participate in the challenge but also be sure to donate! There are so many important causes out there, every little bit helps!

A few weeks ago a close friend of mine asked if I would play in a charity golf tournament and being the golf-obsessed human that I am, jumped at the opportunity.  The weather was incredible on Friday and the amount of snacks they provided was unbelievable. I mean seriously, they gave us a lunch box filled with snacks before we even hit the links… YESSSSS!  It was held at the Links at Lang Farm which I hadn’t played since high school so I was a little nervous but the tournament was a scramble format and we were very happy with the way our team was playing.  Each one of us came up with some very clutch shots when we needed it and we had a blast!  The longest drive for the ladies was so close I could taste it but unfortunately for me it was our 18th hole and I was feeling it.  Next time, though! It’s mine!

Joe and Jon

Jon swears he was happier than the picture shows…


On a separate but relevant note, how about Rory McIlroy eh????? 3 wins in 3 starts?!? Boss.

Yesterday Zach and I  took advantage of this amazing weekend weather and went for a hike up to Sterling Pond.  This is one of my favorite hikes because it is shorter (only 1.1 miles one way) but it is steep and definitely makes you work for it.  Halfway through we thought we were dead, 3/4 the way through Zach really wished he hadn’t worn his Sperry’s and just shy of the top we asked a gentleman coming back down how close we were and we could have hugged him when he said less than 10 minutes!

Sterling Pond

Not bad for the top of a mountain that I used to be a snowboard instructor at, Smuggler’s Notch represent 😉

Jana's Cupboard

When in Jeffersonville, you get a sandwich at The Cupboard Deli. If I ever created a list of Maxims, that would be one of them.

Sierra Nevada

While Zach fished, I took on the incredibly important task of sunbathing on the big rock/taking photos. I love me some Sierra Nevada Pale Ale so I was intrigued by their Summerfest when I saw it in the stores.  Not necessarily my favorite, I’m sort of picky about summer beers because sometimes I think they taste a bit too artificial but this was definitely a solid summer beer.

The Rock

It took us just under 40 minutes to get up to the pond and we knew the trail would start to get dark soon so naturally I made Zach snap a quick picture and off we went.

 Another successful Vermont summer weekend in the books!

Would you do/have you done the Ice Bucket Challenge?

Do you enjoy golfing?

Would you rather a slow and steady hike or a short and steep one?

Training Day (3: The Mini-Vacation)


Welcome to training day, where I share how my training is going and become incredibly concerned with my ability to run 13.1 miles in just under a month. KIDDING! Sort of?

Thursday: I ran 3 miles on the treadmill during my lunch break- there isn’t much to say about it except it seemed like it took forever. My brain is so fried from work this week I can’t even remember why I had to do it on the treadmill vs going outside. Regardless I finished the 3 miles and only did a few walking minutes to break up the time.

Friday: My long run of 4 miles was supposed to be Sunday but I knew I would be on a mini-vacation in Stowe so I decided to do the 4 miles in the morning before we made the trip down there.  The 4 felt solid, well 3 felt good and the last one was definitely a struggle but I completed it.  I did not pace myself well for the first 2 at all, similar to the way a dog freaks out when it runs by people, I freak out as well and tend to speed up. When I figure out how to stop doing this I will be MUCH better off.

Then we checked in for our long weekend at Top Notch and all I can say is, damn!

 Top Notch

Saturday: Planned rest day so no real exercise, oh unless you count a family reunion with 150 of your favorite people. Do you understand how many people you have to hug?? It’s ridiculous really. We played a 3 hour family softball game and I was more tired after that even than any race I’ve ever run.


We roll deep.


One of our more random family traditions is bobbing for apples.  Seems normal enough however you bob for an apple, drop said apple and then dip your soaking wet face into a bin full of flour to “bob” for hidden poker chips.  I literally have no idea how this started- but of course I will keep it going.  Above is my older sister having a mini-meltdown trying to get the apple, I wish that were the hardest part of this whole thing!

Baby JoshuaThis is adorable baby Joshua, he’s the youngest of the bunch at 10 days old.

Fun fact: In our family we all have numbers, you get a number from either the day you were born or the day you married into the family. We start with my Grandmother and Grandfather as 1 and 2 and go down the list.  Just to give you some context my dad is the 11th kid so he is #13.  My sister Katie is #52, I am #82 and my little sister Meghan is #98. Joshua above is rocking #213- no joke there are 213 of us.

FamilyA family that bounces together, stays together.

Reen FamilyLove these humans 🙂

Sock tanThis is my brother’s foot. That has got to be the worst sock tan you’ve ever seen right???

Anyway, back to training…

Sunday: Rest day/had already completed my long run on Friday. We were still in Stowe and went to an amazing concert that night, more on that later though.

Monday: Easy 3 miles.  I had just enough time after we got back to Burlington and before work to run a quick out and back on the bike path.  I decided I would go further out on the bike path so that I could just walk casually back up the hill when I had hit 3.  I was in no mood for hills that day!

Tuesday: Rest day.

Wednesday: I did a spin class at lunch but did not run.  I’m still happy that I got a workout in though!

So there you have it, week 3 in the books. I literally need a vacation from my long weekend vacation but it was definitely worth it.  The next two weeks I have virtually nothing going on so I promise to make these posts much more interesting and running oriented, my bad!

Do you come from a big family?

Have you ever seen a worse sock tan???

How is your training going?

Fun Facts Friday

Ahhh let’s get down to business, shall we?

1. You just can’t beat free concerts with a view. 

Concerts at Bayside Park

On Thursday nights at Bayside Park in Colchester the parks & rec department host free concerts. Yes, please!  We hit it up for a little while last night and had a great time with an awesome view.

2. S’mores are great, but s’mores with Reese’s cups are even better!

Reese's S'mores

Amazeballs for real though. My best friend Meredith got me on to this and I can’t even tell you how good they are. Reese’s cups for the win!

3. A gallery wall is a happy wall.

Gallery wall

I picked up all of these frames at Michael’s the other day and I am so happy with them.  I’ve been wanting to do a gallery wall for our guest room/office space with all of the cool beer and distillery swag we have but I’ve been waiting to find good deals on frames.  I got all of these for $60 (originally $175! What! What!) Ignore our HORRIBLE blue carpet #rentalproblems I can’t wait to get them up on the walls 🙂

4. Drunk History on Comedy Central is incredible!


Holy crap I watched like 5 episodes last night, so freaking funny! If you haven’t seen it you must!!!

5. I NEED this shirt.


I don’t think there is a more relevant shirt in the world for me. It’s a legit problem. Plus the fact that the website is called Thug Life Shirts is a real sell for me, naturally.

Now I must go pack up and get ready for my long weekend in Stowe!

Have an awesome weekend folks 🙂

Have you ever had a Reese’s s’more?

Have you ever seen Drunk History?