Fun Facts Friday

It’s finally Friday! I don’t even care that I have to work all weekend, I’m just so stinkin’ happy it’s the weekend! Now let me drop some Fun Facts Friday style knowledge on ya…

1. When your boss has a pig roast that includes a free shuttle service, commemorative t-shirts AND a keg wall, you must attend. Gotta keep the boss happy right??

NewtonannyNewtonanny Keg Wall!

Zach and IHe really loves when I take selfies with him.

CornholeSolo cups and corn hole, am I back at Tennessee??

Seriously though, this pig roast was so fun! They even had a DJ. Thanks Blaine and Becca! My employee satisfaction went up tenfold 😉

2. Wine + Painting = Masterpieces

Vin Wine BarWaiting for the magic to happen…

Wine and PaintingI went a little Aztec on this painting.

Last night I joined my co-worker Ashley for “Art Under the Influence” hosted by SEABA.  These painting classes are hosted at various locations across Burlington and taught by local artists. With your ticket you receive all the supplies as well as one free drink (sold- totally sold).  This particular one was held at Vin Bar & Shop and it was a great time! The artist had us draw lines in chalk prior to the painting process, and then after we set up a basic outline we were off to make our own interpretations.  As you can see from the photo I went a little differently on mine than others but they all turned out great! I’ll definitely attend another class 🙂

3. No big deal but I’m dating THE high score holder of Cabal at Tilt.

CabalActually the top two high scores are his #readyforfame

TiltI’m digging the layout Tilt!

Also last night post wine/painting I stopped by to see some other co-workers at Tilt Ale & Arcade House.  If you read my bucket list post from a few weeks ago this was definitely on it!  The nerd in me loved getting to play pinball and golden tee- I almost beat Zach at gold tee but I had an unfortunate run in with some water hazards that kept me down and out.  LAME!!! Tilt was fun though, lots of great beers on tap and a really cool two-floor layout.

4. I only have 3 episodes left of Orange is the New Black.

I started season 2 on Wednesday… my binge watching abilities are unbelievable. I’m not proud of this.

5. I NEED this dress.

J-CrewJ. Crew Factory Sundress

I found this dress on the J. Crew factory website and it has to be mine, the possibilities for styling it seem endless. In other dress related news, I’ve been desperately searching for a dress to wear to a wedding I’ll be attending at the end of August (and then another two in September) but so far I’m just not finding what I’m looking for.  I need something that says “Hello, I’m classy but also I’m super fun and sometimes fashionable.” WHERE DO I FIND THAT DRESS???

Have you ever taken one of those drink wine while you paint classes?

Are you an OITNB watcher?

Tell me a fun fact on this lovely Friday 🙂


4 thoughts on “Fun Facts Friday

    • The last episode of season 2 is incredible, when he’s singing to the Nuns? I was dying! I can’t decide what I want to watch next either though, I’ve been polling my friends but so far nothing’s jumped out at me.

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