Studio 208: My First Barre Class

I want to start this post by sharing this photo from a couple nights ago fishing with Zach at Shelburne Pond.

Shelburne PondIt was absolutely incredible 🙂

Moving on though to the meat of the post, yesterday I completed my first ever Barre class!  I had been trying to get over to Studio 208 for a few weeks now but just could never make it work but I finally made it last night after work!  The class is was called “Run to Barre” and included a 30 minute run down to Oakledge park and then an hour long barre class upon returning.  As I’ve mentioned before I haven’t been running as much since the Half Marathon last month but I am definitely trying to get the wheels going again. When I saw this class I thought it would be a great opportunity to do something I love and add in something I’m freaking terrified of.

Studio 208Mostly kidding on being terrified but I am basically the least flexible human on the planet so a Barre class has always intimidated me.  From the minute I walked in the door I felt completely welcome and the instructor Erin was a total sweetheart, she knew what to say to make me feel comfortable. The other girls were definitely veterans but even they made me feel at ease which for those of you who have taken group fitness classes- that isn’t always the case.

The run went well but my stomach had been bothering me all day and that mixed with the heat gave me some full on huffing and puffing moments.  There were only 6 of us and it was sort of like just running with a club just for fun.  I almost forgot we were going to do a whole class after but I think it’s an awesome idea because not only did it feel good to complete but also made my muscles nice and loose!

As for the actual barre class… It went as I expected it would.  I blacked out somewhere in the hand weights section of the workout #noodlearms.  My toes are naturally pretty crampy and I had some moments of mostly over-dramatic panic convincing myself that they would stay cramped forever (they did not).  I wobbled at some points, felt really strong in others. I bent when I should have lengthened, I pointed when I should have flexed but all in all I felt oddly normal. I had done a bunch of pilates classes before so I didn’t feel totally out of my element with a lot of the mat stuff but I can tell you that getting my leg up on that bar was a doozy!  My favorite part was probably shimmying… hip shaking is my specialty (ha!) it was so fun! I loved the work on the mats and the way the class flowed, plus I almost died when a Bastille song started to play… I FREAKING LOVE BASTILLE!

I unintentionally (but sort of intentionally) creeped on the girl next to me during class cause unlike me, she knew exactly what she was doing and did it well.  I jokingly apologized after class and she laughed it off saying I did great for my first time… why, thank you random stranger girl.  I ended up getting this first class free so I’m still sitting on my 6 class pass that I bought half off a few weeks ago, which is ballin’ news because I will absolutely work this into my weekly routine. The atmosphere was warm and relaxing, the big open windows and brick walls were gorgeous and the location is literally 5 minutes from the office. I already feel great just after one class 🙂

After class I was absolutely starving but also still having the stomach bug from earlier so I went with a small meal that I tend to put together for lunch when I’m really busy…

DinnerPaper plates, deli ham, Stewart’s bakery roll and my favorite goat cheese on the planet… I’m so classy.

Goat CheeseNobody does goat cheese like Blue Ledge Farm– this one in particular is covered in herbs and goes with everything!

My older sister Katie lives in Nashville but is staying with us from a couple days and brought her puppy Maggie Lou… I have since learned that Maggie Lou is a psycho. Adorable and incredibly happy, but she is nuts. I am not used to someone staring so intently at me while I eat dinner so her style of “close-talking” was a learning experience to say the least.

Maggie Lou

I also now know that she loves socks… especially sweaty post-barre class socks… RIP socks. Thanks for the memories!


Oh well, now that I’m a “barre-go-er” I have decided I need these sweet new socks…

Be Amazing“Be Amazing” socks from Sticky be Socks

They have all sorts of colors and fun sayings on them, plus the quote on the website is by Joe Namath… J-E-T-S! JETS! JETS! JETS! Do I need them? Probably not but I know myself, I will get them.

Have you ever done a Barre class?

Have you tried any new fitness classes lately?


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