Getting into a Routine

I don’t know if anyone else thinks it’s crazy that we are already a week into July but I think it is absurd! The last few months have been incredibly busy which has been fairly normal for me over the years but I try to give myself some time to settle in to somewhat of a routine as much as I possibly can.  I am a total planner with a serious case of spontaneity… add those together and it doesn’t exactly flow.

I am all about a good list and a trusty calendar. I never leave home without my planner and a pad of paper… I feel like if I can write it down the odds are I’ll make it happen. My mom used to say “if it isn’t on the calendar, I won’t remember” and that is pretty much spot on for me.

As I mentioned, life is pretty busy around here but July is not as packed so far so I’m taking advantage of it and getting back into good habits. That means a schedule for work outs AND even some meal planning involved.

Step 1: A Great Planner

I am currently rocking a planner via Rite Aid because I was too cheap to buy all the really cute ones from online (I’m looking at you, Lilly). 5×8 is the perfect size to throw in my bag and off I go. I also always keep a paper clip in it so I can clip random scraps.

Planner clipIf you look closely you can see some random present ideas I’m thinking of for our two year anniversary next month. Seriously, if anyone is going to Islands of Adventure anytime soon I am in desperate need of a big Jurassic Park mug 😉

Step 2: Color Coordination

This is my personal favorite. It helps my type B mind be a little more type A… oh how I wish I was a true type A. I color coordinate the big stuff each Month and basically everything Weekly.

Month at a glanceGreen is work, blue is sporting events, yellow is softball and pink is fun stuff!

Brew Festival and Nickle Creek?!?! This month is going to be awesome 🙂

Step 3: Write out workouts!

This is actually a big one for me, I have really been trying to get more into a fitness routine and do something active daily.  Not only does it make me feel better but it also gives me a great sense of accomplishment each day I knock out a workout.

I have taken advantage of a bunch of summer deals for fitness studios around the area, in my planner I try to write down classes that fit into my schedule and that I would like to go to. If I don’t have a membership (read: if I have to pay) I will always write down the price of the class for budgeting purposes. If I don’t go to the class I will still try to get a workout in either outside or in the gym at our office building.

WeeklyNotice the post it note grocery list. Since I can’t get to the grocery store until Wednesday I keep it in the planner until I do and then am able to throw it away when I complete the task. I am a big believer in post it notes in the planner!

Step 4: Meal Plan

I wish I could be more of a meal planner but I just don’t have the consistency in my schedule right now which is absolutely okay with me. What I do try to do is be realistic each week, no sense in buying a ton of groceries for the meals you will not end up making.

After I make the weekly schedule (usually on Monday nights) I try to figure out what meals I need to plan for and what groceries I need to buy for them.

This weeks plan looked like this…

Meal Plan

On the left I write out the days and a rough idea of what I’ll eat at each meal.

For the meals I will need to make something for dinner I look up new recipes or pull old faithfuls out. Dinner 1 is a new recipe and dinner 2 is a oldy… both are delicious and I’ll let you know more details when I actually make them!

I then write those ingredients on the right and star everything on the list that I know I don’t already have at the apartment.

Then I transfer the grocery list on to a post it and throw it in the planner til I can get to the store.

So there you have it, a week in the life of me- riveting isn’t it? 😉

Disclaimer: Some days I do absolutely NONE of the things in the planner. Straight up I grab a few beers and sit infront of the tv for hours watching total nonsense and eating pizza bites and I’ll be damned if I don’t say it’s amazing!

Do you guys have to make lists and plans?

Would you rather have a routine or be spontaneous?


3 thoughts on “Getting into a Routine

  1. I can’t wait for Brewfest! I’m going to the Saturday evening session. I’ve lived in Vermont for almost my whole life and this is the first time I’m actually going to make it to Brewfest. Yaay!

    I love your color coordination. I used to always do that with different colored pens, but I actually think it looks much cleaner the way you do it with the highlighters–nice!

    • That is so exciting! Last year was my first and we had a blast, even when we got evacuated due to a crazy storm (and let back in) it was so fun. Hope you are going with fun people, the lines can be less than desirable at times but totally worth it!

      I used to write with those sharpie pens in my planner but then sometimes I wouldn’t have the right colors with me and my inner OCD would freak.

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