Interweb Loves!

Today I thought I’d share some of my favorite posts from across the social media spectrum… so here it goes!


Patriotic Cake PopsI found these gorgeous things while pinning around yesterday from Bee in Our Bonnet and let’s just say that the need I feel to make them is intense! I’m already coming up with a plan in my head to bust them out for the weekend’s festivities!

Patriotic OutfitI will say it now and I will say it again I LOVE 4th of July fashion… I found this while pinning via Ash N’ Fashn and thought it was an awesome outfit, just the right amount of ‘Merica and still classic BBQ style!


I don’t do twitter well, but I let twitter tell me things about my favorite athletes and celebrities.

Love me some Anna Kendrick, she’s a boss.

Keegan (fellow Vermonter) Bradley… overall sports fan… seems like a real person that happens to be an amazing golf player. Of course I love to follow him!


I love Instagram! This is my social media kryptonite (had to google that word but I did get it right) and I am a classic overposter. I am terrible about “liking” and even worse at “commenting” but don’t think I didn’t see it, because I absolutely did!

Jermaine Jones


Jermaine Jones is definitely leaving it all on the field for the US this World Cup and I couldn’t be more excited to watch him later today!

Life with Emily


Emily from Life with Emily posts some GORGEOUS photos of even better outfits!

(I did screen shot these… for some reason I couldn’t get them to embed correctly… rookie blogger problems)

Blog World

I could literally spend all day talking about all of the blogs and posts I love but I will save it to just this one workout post that I completed in the gym below my office today.

500 Calorie WorkoutI found this on Our Three Peas and thought it’d be the perfect lunch time sweat… and it certainly was!

Gym SelfiePost work out locker room selfie… cause if you didn’t take a picture you obviously didn’t work out… and if you aren’t making a stupid face your name is obviously not Kari.

That’s all for now kids, I’ve gotta finish up some work before I can go root on our boys! #ibelieve


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