Burlington Wine & Food Festival

Aloha Friends!

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Burlington Wine & Food Festival located on Burlington’s gorgeous waterfront park.  This is my second year attending the festival and I could not have been more excited to return.  The tickets for the event are set at $50 which for everything you get is still a great deal however if you volunteer for a shift you are able to attend either session for free! $50 saved for 3 hours of manual labor sounds like a great plan to me.

The festival boasts over 40 wine distributors and vineyards from all over the world and an excellent selection of Vermont’s farm to table food. Vermont does such great job of not only producing incredible local fare but also promoting it especially at festivals like this one.

Lauryn, Maria and I Beautiful day with beautiful friends 🙂

Maria and IBefore we got the red wine lips…

Kyle, Lauryn and ICoworker love!

I wish I had taken more photos inside the tent but these were a few of my favorite wines (photos from their websites)

PlungerheadPlungerhead 2012 Lodi Zinfandel: I’m a sucker for a funny tag line, “Plungerhead is made with character for characters.” Plus the guy who pours it wears a plunger on his head… oh and it was delicious of course;)

FalerniaFalernia Syrah: I was really drawn to the symbols on this bottle and the gentleman who created them could not have seemed more excited to be sharing them with everyone.

As for the food Hen of the Wood never disappoints and Burlington’s newest seafood restaurant Bleu killed it on the seafood side but surprisingly enough my favorite food vendor was April’s Maple out of the Northeast Kingdom (how stereotypical Vermont of me). They don’t believe in white sugar only maple which is a cause I can definitely get behind!

April's MapleThis is their Maple Crunch Pancake Kit… holy delicious.

All in all it was a gorgeous day to be hanging out with great friends on Lake Champlain. I met a ton of new people and got to try out some incredible food and wine.  I have no doubt I’ll make it back next year to this awesome event!

Anyone attended any fun festivals lately?


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